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Notes from the home front

Hmm, what's going on around here... we had some massive panic-induced cleaning yesterday because an appraiser was coming to look at the house today. The good news is that the house is now spick and span for Thanksgiving (and don't think I didn't hit the dictionary to check the spelling of "spick" right there), and the appraiser told us that the dimensions of our house were recorded totally wrong wherever it is that they record the dimensions of houses, and that we're likely to come out worth more than we thought we would be. Which is good, because we need money to keep sending Sister Girl to cooking school.

The bad news is that I was up until one o'clock cleaning, and then Lucky woke me up at about 3:30 by jumping on the bed, chasing his tail for about three minutes solid, and then getting right up in my face all "Hi! Hi! Hi!" So I got up, got vaguely dressed, and took him outside in the freezing-ass cold. Turns out no one took him out before going to bed, so he must have been pretty hysterical by three in the morning. And then he was so happy to have gone that he was hyper for a good half hour afterwards. In conclusion: there was no sleep.

So then the appraiser guy came, and Sister Girl skipped her morning class, which put her trying to get ready right in the middle of the appraiseration in this dancerie and that pissed her off, and then the guy was late and took twice as long as he said he would, which pissed my mother off (although I had tried to warn her that that's totally what was going to happen, because I'm the one who's usually home to answer the door for this kind of thing, and I am wise in the ways of Professionals Who Make House Calls). And then we had lunch at Ixtapa. Mmmfajitas. Fin.

What else... I got the new issue of Vogue in the mail last night (what? I like the pretty pictures, and sometimes they preview movies and stuff), and some blonde who looked weirdly familiar-yet-unfamiliar was on the cover. Seriously, I drew a total blank... until I pulled off the plastic and saw that it was KEIRA KNIGHTLEY WTF? I don't know what the hell the flowing blonde ringlets were for, but I loves Keira and am irrationally excited about Pride and Prejudice, and she has this hilarious Wizard of Oz spread inside (I think Jasper Johns is the Cowardly Lion or something? All the characters are played by famous arteestes). And then there's a big ol' section on Memoirs of a Geisha, with tons of pictures of Ziyi Zhang in the costumes, and... one lonely page for Tilda Swinton. Clearly the Narnia people forgot to call up merchandising and secure the oh-so-important cosmetics and herbal tea contracts.

Oh, yesterday! Christmas shopping! It was like a trip to the library, basically, except that we actually had to pay for the books. The aim of the trip was to get birthday and Christmas presents for me, for about four different relatives to give to me. And if I didn't have the long-term memory of a breath mint, it would be kind of off-putting that I ended up hunting down all the books myself, but I do--hell, I can barely remember any of them right now! Go me. Also, all signs point to a desperate family giving me the entire oeuvre of Gregory Maguire for Christmas, so I hope that I end up liking it.

And while I was there, I finally tried the Burt's Bees lip shimmer. It's... a little cakier than I expected. It's growing on me, though--I like the peppermint tingle.

Oh, and today, the book got slashdotted, and it's a lovely review. Please be advised, however, that hating on things in the comments is the Slashdot raison d'être, so do not go over there and try to argue with them. It's 1) pointless and 2) only makes me look worse, and 3) I'm happy with the review, so God bless us every one, etc.


Mall Suspect Sent Message Before Shooting.

Prosecutors Say Pa. Girl Wasn't Kidnapped.

Student Convicted of Plotting With Al Qaeda to Kill Bush. 

Report: Bush talked of bombing Al-Jazeera.

6,644 are still missing after Katrina; toll may rise. 

"I know I didn't do it, but maybe there's a monster inside me," he said. "How do you know there isn't a monster inside of me?"

Gary Glitter Facing Child-Sex Rap. "If found guilty, Glitter could face up to 12 years in prison for obscene behavior, while a charge of child rape could carry the death penalty, which would be carried out by firing squad."

Man Who Kept Dead Mom in Freezer, Wanted to Marry Jennifer Garner Sentenced.

FBI Warns of E-Mail About Surveillance.

Shop at Anthropologie over the Thanksgiving holiday(s) and proceeds will be sent to Heifer International. No, that is not their way of telling you you're fat.

Ten to Avoid--the Worst Products of 2005.

"Darling, isn't that your man?"

Town votes to rename itself 

All hail the Random Euphemism Generator.

Aww, Radcakes wants to "convert the heathens": "'If you look at bands who say they're punk now, like Sum 41, and then look at the Sex Pistols and what they stood for and what they meant and what they managed to do and... well,' he says, taking in the interior of central London's opulent Merchant Taylors' Hall, a 600-year-old banqueting venue, 'the others are just pop music really, aren't they?'" God bless.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden has a dead neighbor. It's pretty clear that he was murdered. Somehow, conservative girls slumming at a strip club get brought up. Wank and disemvowelling ensue.

In the tradition of Elijah Wood Is Very, Very Gay: Cedric Diggory Is Very, Very Gay. The photographic evidence is there, y'all.

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