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Happy Thanksgiving! And if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving, all I can say is that you should. Not because of the Deep, Uniquely American Cultural Meaning--hell, I don't think I heard the word "pilgrims" even once this year. I just think that every culture should have an Eating and Sleeping Day, because, let's face it, that's what Thanksgiving is. As for being thankful, I'm sorry, but it's kind of shitty to only do that once a year, so I maintain that really, the point of the holiday as a once-a-year event should be the food. Not that I even really like Thanksgiving dishes all that much, but I know other people do, and it's nice to have them out of commission on their sofas and recliners and not bothering me.


Heh. I think I ate more for dinner than I did for lunch, but then, I basically want turkey and potatoes and maybe three of the fifteen different kinds of pickled produce on the table, and I'm happy. Oh, and cranberry sauce. The smooth, bland kind that's still holding the shape of the can after you've sliced it. (Hey, you're the one eating sweet potato casserole crusted in pecans and marshmallows, don't look at me.) Although Sister Girl did make cranberry dressing from scratch this year--it was hilarious watching us all make faces around the table as we ate it, not because it was bad, but because so many of us were unacquainted with what real, unprocessed cranberries do to your mouth. Anyway, I'm not weighted down with all the cream- and cheese-laden casseroles (I saw sweet potato, green bean, broccoli, and creamed corn, and God knows what else there was that I didn't even notice), so I tend to settle down with a book for the afternoon, after we've finished watching the dog show with J. Peterman. Which is what I woke up drooling on about two hours ago.

First Arrested Development, now Alias.

Stills of deleted GOF scenes?

Something I saw in the Wikipedia entry on the concept of beauty: According to an ancient Indian definition, the beautiful is that which from moment to moment is always new. I like it.

In response to my question the other day, from mystic_notions: christmas_music.

Many of you commented to note that I was still wrong about the Stevie Nicks song--it's "like a willow, I can bend," which I find hilarious. Not the actual lyrics, I mean, but that I could be so persistently wrong about them. But hey, c'est moi.

The pop princesses spent the holiday one-upping each other: Christina got married, Britney sold her baby out after all, and finally, Nick and Jessica are divorcing.

A directory of all-night eateries. Seriously, go look up your town and flesh the thing out; there's got to be someplace in town other than the Purple Onion that's open late.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard of PostSecret, which is an awesomely creepy thought-provoking site, but I think this one is particularly appropriate for Livejournal. (And here's another blog-turned-book, which I highly encourage you to order.)

Oh, and I saw on TV that some network is showing Attack of the Clones tomorrow night. I was about to say, "And now you can read along!," until I realized that the people with the book and the people with American TV channels mostly do not overlap on the Venn diagram. Sigh.

By the way, if you're in the mood for more linkspam, I go over to when I have a few moments and add more links--for me, if no one else. The category "ideas," by the way, is in the sense of "ideas for writing," if that makes any more sense.

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