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All linkspam, all the time

Except for this thought, which I found rereading Pride and Prejudice yesterday (well, just skimming my favorite parts): "You must learn some of my philosophy. Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure."

Also, I don't know what the hell is going on, but I'm getting at least a hundred spam emails a day from various fake email addresses from the domain. I mean, I finally just created a trash filter for them, but... bzuh?

World AIDS Day links: Light to Unite.

spooke: "Bristol Myers Squibb is planning to donate $1 for every virtual candle lit on this web site up to $100,000 on World AIDS day. They were up to 21,158 when I hit the site about half an hour ago. Who better to boost the number than your loyal horde of fans? :)"

angelic_oni: "If you go there and wait until the end of the flash, you'll be able to 'light a candle.' For every candle lit, the company will donate $1 to AIDS/HIV research. It's for a good cause and I know that you have a lot of readers so I figured you might be interested."

katesti: "I'm happy because today is World AIDS Day. AIDS doesn't make me happy, but the work that I do every day does. More information on World AIDS Day, as well as the state of HIV/AIDS - among women specifically - here at my blog. Today is one of those days that I'm proud of who I am and what I've chosen to do. It feels nice."

elvensapphire: "Also, since you have good charity links, this is AIDS awareness week, and Thursday is AIDS awareness day (aka red ribbon day) - there's info and such all over the place, but I collected these in my journal and thought I'd share them, just in case, because your voice is heard much more loudly (and I mean this in a very positive way!) than mine is: World AIDS Day and the National AIDS Fund."

Support World AIDS Day

From mysticowl, who has seen it in person: Action Shakes!

Oh, and a little treat: "Magic Works," the GOF slow dance/end credits song by the Weird Sisters the Wyrd Sisters Jarvis Cocker and Those Two Guys from Radiohead. I think the thing I really love about the song is that it really does sound like such a classic, semi-cheesy prom song. But then under that, there's this "last dance" twinge of mortality that turns out to be literal, so... eeeeh.

You know... maybe there's a point where Legos stop being appropriate. I don't really want Graveyard Harry with Hysterical Grieving Action.

Re: Last night's Lost: SAYID!

spooke: "In case you're interested, here's something to distract you: apparently, the rat-dog of urban legend actually exists. Well, existed."

So it turns out that Michael Jackson is not the biological father of his first two children. And then it gets worse.

RIP Wendie Jo Sperber.

Jesus, Son of Britney.

Cruise Caught in Sonogram Squabble. Apparently you have to be, you know, trained and shit to operate expensive medical equipment. Who knew?

Big Mistake? "November 30, 2005 -- The divorce of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey will get nasty. They were so sure they'd be together forever when they wed in 2002 that they didn't sign a prenuptial agreement. Considering Simpson made the bulk of the couple's assets while they were together, dragging in a cool $35 million last year, she could be paying through the nose. The blond bombshell has hired bulldog divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, who handled Angelina Jolie's divorce from Billy Bob Thornton. According to Us Weekly, Lachey found out Simpson was going to tell the media about their split via her publicist, Rob Shuter. Sweet."

J.K. Rowling does not exist, says Norwegian tinhat director. Clearly, the fact that she's the priority of the Warner Bros. marketing department and has good business judgment means that she's a fraud.

Off to reread The Morgesons for my paper.

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