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I am wiped, you guys. And it's not even that I did any particularly heavy lifting. But it did involve trying to buy a Christmas present for Sister Girl on eBay, a situation that spiraled so badly out of control in the space of half a minute that I was relieved to lose the auction, for the reason that I actually will need to pay taxes and tuition next year.

So, three mild heart attacks later, I work on an email interview (more on that later in the week), slice up my pound cake, and go to class. No one eats any of the pound cake, which is my grandmother's recipe, and possibly the best, moistest pound cake you will ever taste. I am miffed, until I realize that this... leaves me with more pound cake. Also, we didn't workshop the first thing in class, which was awesome, because I had gone completely unprepared and unpapered (I'd spent so much time taking notes and cataloguing evidence that I hadn't begun to try to stuff it all into an outline), so sitting around and eating and shooting the American Renaissance shit was completely fine as far as I was concerned. And that was my class for the semester.  

We didn't go to Aeon Flux tonight because both Em and I were exhausted, and because we started hearing that it's "the worst movie of the year." Which I think means I should totally see it; I just don't know that I want to pay eight dollars for the privilege, and then fall asleep while I'm at it.

Tomorrow: tree decorating, and I am going to try to sit myself down to take care of all the mail I have piled up. Or finish annotating The Morgesons. Or finish Christmas shopping. Or SOMETHING, so long as it's useful, because I've got a solid week until the exam and I do not want to faff around for seven days. The faffing we save for Christmas vacation.

Livejournal is still not sending me all my comments. It has, however, begun to send me comments from November 20, which is... instructive.


allthelivesofme: "Saw this, and immediately thought, 'Cleolinda and Sister Girl would probably appreciate it...' Celebrity cookies."

The answers to the Virgin Digital band picture game.

Poodlepanda WTF.

Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese marry. 

"Splitney" calls in the lawyers.

omg The Wide, Wide World is online. READ THE FRENCH PORN!

Professor Loses Weight With No-Diet Diet

Arkansas Man Scales White House FenceLook at the picture: this man may actually be possessed by Satan.

syneblue: "In the vein of Memoirs buzz, here's an interesting little essay on geisha in American culture."

Warring Narnia essays:

>> "Narnia is everything hateful about religion. See, Philip Pullman says so!"

>> "Before C.S. Lewis became a famous Christian, he was already a famous scholar - and there’s a lot more going on in his Narnia series than Christian allegory." 

>>  "The Chronicles of Narnia, seven tales penned between 1950 and 1956, are not so much Christian stories as stories penned by a Christian."

>> Philip Pullman is a stupidhead.

(I love His Dark Materials, but when it comes to his irrational hate-on for Lewis... he kind of is.)

The most awesome Narnia pendant ever. (Better picture.)

A first look at X-Men 3, a movie I fear greatly. (Here's the new trailer.) "We want this to look different from the first two." Uh, why? I mean, considering that the first two movies were good, and people liked them?

A site all for the O RLY? owls. I am way too happy about this.

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