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T minus seven hours until Narnia...

The Movies in Fifteen Minutes Fanlisting. I've lost the comment email so I can't remember who sent this to me, but apparently if you are a fan, you... list... yourself. (I've never quite understood how these things work.) So far I have a grand total of two fans to rub together, whee!

While we're on the subject, I've had some... less pleasant fan interaction, I guess. This shop was not sanctioned by me. I have a feeling it's run by someone who heard "OMGWTFPOLARBEAR" secondhand, like most internet memes, and doesn't realize it originated from a specific person. I'm not going to report it or complain about it, because, quite frankly, my shop is mostly based on my own work (or, at times, y'all's suggestions), but I wouldn't want Hard Rock Cafe coming down on me for using a graphic reminiscent of theirs, you know? So live and let live. But I'm just saying, if you see this? This is not my merchandise. Also:

xander77: "OMG, stolen! Russian. An abridged version of the above (which makes it, like, double abridged. I'm fairly certain it will warp into an anti-black hole and consume the universe in short order, unless someone stops it). I'm presuming that the parts left out were the ones which the authors mad translating skillz couldn't handle. There were a lot of those. However, the author compensated for lentgh by inserting plenty of curse words. Oh, and such ingenious pearls as 'penisus maximus.'" "The above" refers to POA/15M, if I recall correctly. I don't speak Russian, so... I'm not sure there's much I can do about this.

Better news:

seraphina_pyra: ".... Speaking of giggling; your book made the December issue of DVD Review (UK's best selling dvd mag apparently) giggle. They gave it 3 stars. ^_^ "

Narnia's London premiere: Oh my Lord, the kids look awesome. I have no idea what Tilda Swinton's wearing on the first page, but I figure, evil queens are allowed to wear whatever they want.

Speaking of which, Swinton has been revealed as possibly the most awesome person of all time: not only does she want to come back for The Magician's Nephew ("I really, really hope they do that one because it is wicked, and I love it"), but she and Skandar Keynes apparently watched Zoolander together and would go around doing the Blue Steel face and "challenging each other to walk-offs."

CS: For those of us whom aren't Turkish, what is Turkish Delight anyway?

Well there are those who will tell you it's the most delicious thing on earth and there are those who will tell you it's disgusting and I'm in the latter camp. It tastes of soap.

CS: And had you ridden in a chariot before?

Not on film.

Q: Is it easy to understand redemption at such a young age?

Keynes: I think so.

Swinton: Anybody who has been mean to their sister – as any right-thinking sibling has – would understand the need for redemption.

Swinton: Well, The Beach is different.

Keynes: What’s The Beach?

Swinton: You’re too young, man. You’re too young to see all my films.

Swinton: (To Skandar) Sorry to call you a child, I know you're really a dude, but you were a child once…

Swinton: Yeah. And I hope Disney will help. [laughs] I love the idea that it’s possible that a few people might go look for the films of Derek Jarman as a result of this film. Or that we might be able to get David Mackenzie, who made Young Adam – [to Keynes] which is another one you can’t see either!

Q: Speaking of Skandar not being able to see your films, this introduces you to a younger audience.

Keynes: I’ve seen Vanilla Sky.

Swinton: How did you see that, man? You’re too young.

Keynes: It was on TV. I’m not too young for that!

Swinton: That young audience is, I hope, going to be backing away from me for the rest of their lives. Most people say they make movies so their children can see it, but my kids don’t want to see this, so that won’t work...They call it Lionel Ritchie’s Wardrobe anyway.

Q: I would go see that.

Swinton: I would too. Lionel Ritchie’s Wardrobe.

Q: He keeps it on the ceiling, I think.

(More interviews: Georgie Henley and James McAvoy; William Moseley and Anna Popplewell; Andrew Adamson [who confirms that Prince Caspian will likely be next, and while he needs a vacation--and may not even be the one directing it--they would want to get a move on before the kids get too old].)

thorondae: "Cleo, you must see this. There are no words for its awesomeness. Also, the music is pretty good. Yay for Trans-Siberian Orchestra." It's made the rounds, but someone sends me a link to it every single day, so I'd better post it, I figure.

Neil Gaiman's blog has been taken over by "Skippy, a fictional six-year-old tomboy and computer genius, with a small number of endearing catchphrases." Such as, for example, "bitchcakes." Why? Well, because the Hundred-Acre Wood has been, too.

Coke to launch coffee-infused Coke Blak. For those of you who just can't get enough 1) caffeine or 2) misspellings.

Gibson Plans Holocaust Miniseries. Man, I can't wait to see how this turns out.

The Anthology Holy Tango of Literature. The Gwendolyn Brooks anagram/parody is frickin' genius, as is the Eliot one.

Model Accused Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill For Cheese. Seriously, you have to read this. The entire article is genius, right down to the last line. The cheese stands alone, y'all.

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