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I'm going to put all of the Narnia stuff behind a cut, but if you're on the fence and want something to push you over the edge into seeing the movie, this is it.

>> I had seen the pictures of the White Witch's battle outfit for months. The one with the polar bear chariot that's photoshopped to look blue and snowy in the poster art, you know--I've used it in my icons. But I'd seen it in its proper context and I still hadn't realized what I was looking at until I happened to read something on Narniaweb--I thought it was prairie grass or something (see interview snippet here). And no one I have talked to has realized what it was, either, until it was pointed out--once you know, it's obvious, but it--it's just not something you would expect.

So the battle at the end arrives, and I want my sister to fully appreciate what she's seeing, so I lean over and whisper, "You know what she's wearing, right?"

"No, what?"



The White Witch is freakin' hardcore, y'all.

>> And then she pwns Edmund in battle.

>> And then she brings out the two swords and pwns Peter. You get the feeling that she could have totally finished him off if she weren't having so much fun fucking with him.

>> I have got to scan in the Michael Hague illustration of how Aslan finishes the Witch off, because--costume and setting aside--it is very like what actually happens. And is awesome.

>> Aslan is very obviously Liam Neeson; they didn't fiddle with his voice or lower it or anything. Fortunately, it didn't really stick out after the first couple of lines.

>> Speaking of which, the Aslan and beavers effects are awesome. Also, I just realized that I wasn't thinking of the wolves as effects as all.  

>> They skip the part where Aslan and Susan and Lucy romp around after the Stone Table, and thank God, because I can see that falling completely flat on film. It would stop the movie dead right when the battle's just gotten started, and the effects would inevitably look like first Harry Potter movie quidditch crap.

>> Lucy is the cutest little girl ever. Like, weapons-grade cute.

>> My sister is now in love with Mr. Tumnus. I'm afraid she's going to have to fight Lucy for him, though, assuming that the vice squad doesn't come down on him for hitting on a toddler first.

>> My sister says she will settle for Peter.

>> I kind of want to hug Edmund. They got such a great kid to play him--he's a surly little bastard but he misses his dad and they spend 85% of the movie making him feel like shit for what he did, and shit's like, "HEY! Don't involve me in this!" I'm not even going to spoil the Witch's line in the dungeon when she tells Tumnus what Edmund did, because it's that awesome.

>> The part in the Witch's sledge is awesome, because you can see her petting and feeding and flattering Edmund with all this sugary calculation and then she just forgets and goes "NO YOU CAN'T HAVE ANYMORE!" It's not even so much that she's faking being nice as that she's faking being human.

>> P.S. Watch for the lion that Edmund drew a mustache on at the coronation. I can't figure out if the lion doesn't know he's got a mustache and glasses drawn on, or he can't get them off, or he's just so proud that the king drew on him that he doesn't care.

>> That, and I swear to God Susan actually says "Oh, REALLY?" at one point. I think it's around when they first get to Narnia, but I'm not sure. Seriously, someone watch for that and tell me what the context is, because I was too busying choking on my own laughter. I want a Susan O RLY? icon that somehow makes sense so bad I can taste it.

I had miscellaneous issues with the movie--the music was too loud, with too much Our Lady of Soundtrack Woodling; some of the lines and/or acting needed to be a little more natural (the scene where Susan and Lucy splash around in the creek comes to mind, and then the part just after where Susan announces that She Needs to Get Some Practice); I loved that they got Michael Madsen for Maugrim, but he needed to shut the hell up and just bite Peter, for God's sake, because that "You just don't have what it TAKES" shit got old fast; Peter needed to STFU after about the eighteenth "When are you going to learn?" bit; the major points of the movie were hammered home a bit hard ("Why don't you start ACTING like a family?"), but it is a children's movie, so I keep reminding myself to cut it a little slack. All in all, two thumbs up, didn't rape my childhood, Susan's got it goin' on, fine holiday fun.

I think the Lovely Emily and I may go see it tomorrow night (her first time, my second) when she gets in from out of town, whee!

ETA: "Ok so here's the hard part, which is better Narnia or Goblet?"

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