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I went to see Narnia. Again. I cried. Again. During the first three scenes. Again.

So yesterday was Sister Girl's birthday, and after about three days of riding the drama llama, I think she managed to have a fairly good one. What did she get? Drama pajamas. And other things, but she mostly got a really cute stripy Robe of Many Colors and a set of pajamas. I gave her as many of the Vosges chocolates that she had asked for as I could afford--small boxes of the Aztec truffles, the Exotic truffles, and the rare seasonal Volcano Honey truffles--and honestly, I think those were her favorite, of all her presents. Particularly the Volcano Honey. She split one with me--I'm not much for honey, so I didn't want more than that--and considering that I'm 1) not much for dark chocolate and 2) again, not much for honey, it was pretty good.

Meanwhile, Sister Girl had had three ("Three. Or four. Or three. It was three. Three. Three. Three. Four? Three") truffles today, she is truffle-drunk on a truffle high. She is tweaking, she is so high--she is stimming, she is so high. We just went to Arby's because she wanted to split some potato bites and I said hell, I like milkshakes, I'll go, and we almost didn't make it back alive. Why? The woman gave us ranch salad dressing instead of ranch dip. Sister Girl discovers this at the intersection. "OH, WE'RE MAKING A U-TURN," she says. And just at this moment, her phone rings and it's her best friend, who saves us from both a U-turn and a confrontation of Sonic proportions ("And I was like, 'Bitch, I'ma throw [Cleo's] milkshake on you!'" "HEY!"). And she nearly hit a car while rounding the cul-de-sac to get back to our driveway. So I go to bed tonight, deeply grateful for cheddar and bacon-stuffed potato wedges to be alive.

King Kong heroine addict icons:

They're all ready reporting that King Kong is underperforming at $50 million for the weekend. Now, considering that this was posted before I went to the movies tonight, and I clearly hadn't given them my money yet, and I clearly wasn't the only person who went... how do they know who made what? I mean, I know, estimates. I'm asking rhetorically.

Stupid, stupid battles rage in U.S. over holidays.

So let's say you write about pop culture, as many of us on LJ do, and you coin a phrase that becomes wildly popular--so popular that a lot of people hear it without knowing you came up with it, or that anyone in particular came up with it. Do you try to protect your rights to that phrase, or do you just give it to the ether and let people do what they will? And what if that ether is really, really cute?

From Saturday Night Live: "Lazy Sunday."  We want the Chronic!

Angry Star Wars fan heckles Hayden Christensen; Christensen, much like the Empire, strikes back.

The spirit of Halloween at Christmas, or "How to scare all small children for a square mile."

Broken-hearted donor leaves diamond ring in car.

The seven films in consideration for the Visual Effects Oscar: Batman Begins; Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire; King Kong; Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith; War of the Worlds.

The comments of a year's ten worst movies list turns contentious.

This is not the smoothest way to end an entry ever, but we shopped the hell out of Brookwood earlier today and I am tired. Night!

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