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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Particularly when it's stormy and 75 degrees outside and Sister Girl won't let me turn on the AC because, by some miracle worthy of Vatican investigation, she is cold. I'm frickin' dying in here, y'all.

Rollicking sendoff for 2005 in New Orleans.

AP: U.S. Teen Runs Off to Iraq by Himself. You gotta read this--the kid's naivete veers between hilarious and infuriating and then back again. Sample:
It was mid-afternoon Tuesday, after his second night in Baghdad, that he sought out editors at The Associated Press and announced he was in Iraq to do research and humanitarian work. AP staffers had never seen an unaccompanied teenage American walk into their war zone office. ("I would have been less surprised if little green men had walked in," said editor Patrick Quinn.)

Wearing a blue long-sleeve shirt in addition to his jeans and sneakers, Hassan appeared eager and outgoing but slightly sheepish about his situation.

The AP quickly called the U.S. embassy.

Embassy officials had been on the lookout for Hassan, at the request of his parents, who still weren't sure exactly where he was. One U.S. military officer said he was shocked the teen was still alive. The 101st Airborne lieutenant who picked him up from the hotel said it was the wildest story he'd ever heard.

I originally nabbed this a few days ago and didn't get to sort through my linkspam, but currently, I believe the kid has been returned to Florida. Aaaand speaking of angry parents...

Bank Robber Turned in by Sons Gets 40 Years.

Spicy Blogger Leaves Attorney's Office. This is one of the worst headlines ever. There is literally no part of it I understand. Every time I look at it, I keep having to go back and skim the article because the badness of the headline has made me forget what the hell they were talking about in the first place.

South Park episode "Bloody Mary" pulled due to Catholic complaint.

Huh. Turns out Barbies don't warp little girls' body images. Mostly because the girls themselves are too busy doing warped things already.

sigma7: "Two news-y bits that made me think of you: Narnia pulls out of WTO talks (do I believe that Forbes wouldn't peg this as fake? Yes, yes I do) and Coldplay's new CD comes with rules, more rules than baseball, apparently. But if you have 45 copies of it, you could trade 'em in for an iPod Shuffle...." Speaking of iPods...

Protect your ears: limit iPod use. What they really mean is, limit earbud use. I loathe earbuds, and use a small $10 pair of headphones instead. And keep the volume down. Because I like hearing things. Speaking of which...

iPod Replaced With Meat.

Heh. Remember that obsession I had earlier in the year (or was it even the year before?) with "Where the Wild Roses Grow"? Don't ask me why I decided to check and see what was new at Living Dead Dolls, but apparently they immortalized the Wild Kylie in plastic.

HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS GUY. He has these awesome guides to all the historical/cultural references in the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen books, and the only thing wrong with his Fantastic Victoriana site is that it runs out of bandwidth too frequently. A book version does, therefore, solve that problem.

Movie stuff:

Tom Cruise has been voted the most irritating film star in the world.

V for Vendetta stills and promo shots.

Derek Jarman's Edward II, with Tilda Swinton as Isabella. Zomg. I think my worlds just collided.

A male reviewer explains why you, gents, should go see Pride and Prejudice.

Trailer for Inside Man. I totally forgot to mention this, but it ran in front of King Kong, and any trailer where Clive Owen basically commandeers the camera is okay by me.

I don't know how you guys feel about Hostel, but between the trailer I saw in front of Derailed and the constant bombardment of commercials during the Twilight Zone marathon this weekend, I kind of want to kill it with fire. And as someone who actually likes the movie Seven, I feel like I should explain myself. Here's the thing: with a movie like Seven, you're rooting for the cops to find the guy. Even with the uberviolent stuff like the Saw movies, you're rooting for the victims to escape in time. And even if you find yourself rooting for Jigsaw (as I'm sure some people will say they do), this genre of movie tends to present the plot in terms of, "Can the victim escape in time? Can the detective find the killer in time?" If you feel differently--and God knows I like a good villain myself--that's your thing, that's not the movie forcing that perspective on you.

So I'm in the theater and the Hostel trailer comes on and it's all like, THERE IS A PLACE WHERE YOU CAN FULFILL YOUR DARKEST DESIRES, and we just barely see really skeevy looking people hacking off a toe with hedge clippers and menacing screaming guys in their underwear with chainsaws and lots of shots of grimy torture tools. This is a trailer that identifies you with the killers rather than the victims and/or heroes, and it's just so blatantly pornographic about it that--and I am really not cool with the government doing this with libraries, but--you kind of want people who actually enjoy this movie to get put on an FBI watchlist. This isn't about gore--this is about pain, and getting off on it. Ew. (I should clarify that TV commercials have played the "What if it happened to you" card--i.e., the victim perspective--instead. They've also used the "Paramedics had to be called after viewers keeeeeled overrrr, OOGA BOOGA!" thing as well. Don't you see how hardcore this movie is? Sigh.)

So... now I've said my piece about that. Happy New Year?

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