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My theory in action

Hmm. Remember my "boys drool, girls rule" theory of webmaster working-together-ness? Yeah. We're gonna test it out today. I hope I didn't come off sounding sexist--I wouldn't choose one site over the other just because of the webmaster's gender; I choose the best site available to me. And my Trailer Park staff is currently all male, so I'm not saying I don't like to work with guys; in fact, they're the bestest guys ever. It's just that guys never seem to be very forthcoming. Anyway. Coming Soon had a link to some really great stills from "Kingdom in Twilight," the movie version of Wagner's Ring cycle (not to be confused with "Kingdom of Heaven," or "The Ring," or "Lord of the Rings"), and the pictures came from The webmaster is male. I wrote him my standard "come out and play with us" email, and even pointed out that adding a Kristanna Loken tag for "Kingdom in Twilight" to the Orlando Bloom tag I already have for "Kingdom of Heaven" will make it so much easier to distinguish the two movies at a glance. So. We will see what answer we get.

Meanwhile--I'm having a high rate of stupid mistakes/typos, but I think that's because I've put out a lot of content lately. That is, the proportion of error is normal--the total output is just higher. Still, it's distressing. Did you see Spellbound? Yeah. I was one of those kids. Willfully bad spelling gives me the jibblies. I'm surprised I'm not allergic to the internet.

Almost done reading the next section of The Quaker City for tomorrow's class. I persist in thinking that we're a day ahead of the day it actually is. Have done an amazing amount of work this week on the site. Well, amazing compared to the amount I was doing over the two months previous, which was zero.

Someone--Brassy?--suggested offhand that we try to do an Oscar play-by-play, only in shifts. I wonder how that would work. It might. I would take the last shift, of course--partly because we have NO IDEA when the last shift would end, but also because I'm in one of the earliest time zones. Hee. It could sort of be like a relay. Could be fun. Of course, the flip side of this is that there's really no need for a recap--the Oscars are broadcast in most countries, unlike the Globes, where the effect was something like having a seeing-eye dog. And I really do wonder if people can type as fast as I do. I was a little underwhelmed by CHUD's play-by-play, for example--you don't want to describe every damn twitch, but you have to set the scene well enough that you can read it the next day and have a clue what's going on. Compare how we each did the same segment of the show:

CHUD: 8:40pm, est - Ellen needs to marry Gabriel Taflames. Then she'd be Ellen Burstyn-Taflames.

8:41pm, est - Nicole Kidman's accent brought to you by Lucifer.

Digest: 7:38 CST. Commercial. People mill and people schmooze. Back to commercial.

Ellen Burstyn is here to present the Cold Mountain clip. Hey, I thought I put down a ban on use of the phrase "one of the greatest battle sequences ever filmed." Oh, and I am not particularly impressed with Nicole's Southern accent. Nor Jude's. Ooo! It's Cate! And I do so like her dress! She is pregnant, after all. It's a lovely ruby red. The hair . . . eh, it's almost there. She always has fab jewelry, though--love the chandelier earrings. Blah blah blah HFPA suit blah blah giving something back to the community. Twinkly music plays in the background. For a full minute, we're stranded in a Sally Struthers Feed the Children commercial.

Maybe CHUD is funnier. But the second example is the way we'd need to do the Oscars, unless we just want to stick up a tagboard or use the Digest Yahoo group chatroom and gab the whole time. Thoughts?
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