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This is going to be a short entry mostly composed of linkspam (well... actually, a ton of linkspam) because I still have a lot to do this afternoon, particularly because the Lovely Emily and I are going to see if we're hardcore enough to see two movies in a row tonight. Given that the first one might be Brokeback Mountain (FINALLY at the Rave, damn), we're not entirely sure we can make it.

Also, Sister Girl did just bring me one of the cupcakes with homemade icing that she's making for a friend of hers in the hospital ("I'm not sure exactly, but it involved a safety demonstration and a forklift"). Mmmcake.

The Sago Mine tragedy:

Miners' Notes Reveal Their Final Moments.

Media forced to explain inaccurate reports on tragedy.

Mine Survivor Has Inflammation in Lung.

Psychic Sylvia Brown makes ass of self backpedaling on incorrect Sago prediction.

Random news:

Europe hit by rise in brutal bank robberies.

RIP Lou Rawls.

From Making Light: Nominations are now open for the Sixth Annual Weblog Awards (the Bloggies).

Also from ML: Why Bono is right and Paul Theroux is full of crap.

Reminder: Essay submissions for She's Such a Geek are due (via email) the 15th.

particle_person: "This is kind of neat--you draw a simple sketch, and a special experimental search engine tries to find images similar to the sketch. It works best with really simple shapes-- just lines and circles and things. (Drawing a picture of an eye, consisting of an oval with a circle inside, worked very well.)"

sigma7: "Via </a></strong></a>indigoskynet: Almost 20 years after the Jem toyline was introduced to the U.S. market and 17 years after its demise, Hasbro has shown interest in reviving the line, going so far as registering a new trademark for the purpose of selling dolls and doll clothes. A release date has yet to be announced." EEEEE!</span></span>

Stolen from bibliotech: Sham charities?

Movie news:

So! Many! Guild! Awards and nominations!

Screen Actors Guild.

Writers Guild. (Eee! A nomination for The 40 Year-Old Virgin!)

Producers Guild.

Director's Guild.

The day we thought would never come: Jon Stewart to Host the Oscars.

Narnia DVD Covers. (I feel compelled to mention here that I made $11 million in play money off this movie at the Hollywood Stock Exchange. I bought 50,000 shares at $2 something way back in the day, and it just cashed out at $225 [having made $255 million at the end of a month in theaters]. If only I could parlay this imaginary financial genius to real life.)

Brokeback Mountain "rapes the image of the Marlboro Man,"  leading one blogger to reply, "I Wish I Knew How to Quit You."

Is Wedding Off for Cruise and Holmes?

Hilton Faces Slander, Harassment Lawsuits.

Trailer for Flight 93. As in, the downed flight on September 11th. I keep hearing the same reaction over and over to this one: "I'm not ready to see this." And this isn't even taking the Oliver Stone 9/11 firefighter movie into account. Yes, I know it's been exactly five years. But unlike the Holocaust, 9/11 is not something that people are denying happened or are (allegedly) in danger of forgetting. Hell, most of us watched it happen on TV. And the thing is, with two 9/11 movies, we are going to be bombarded with two doses of trailers, commercials, talk-show circuits, and general press hysteria. Even if you don't want to see the movie(s), you won't be able to escape. Sigh.

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