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Sold-out Mountain 2: The Sellening

Mom finally had a free slot in the weekend for a movie, and she wanted to see King Kong, so I went again with her. We went to a 12:30, before most of the other movies had started, so hardly anyone was there. About eight other people were in the King Kong theater with us. Mom liked it, although she said there were too many dinosaurs (and she loves dinosaurs, man), and that the ass-skating was a bit much. They actually showed new/different trailers from when I was there opening night, so I actually got to see the previews for X-Men 3 and The DaVinci Code, neither of which I had bothered to download, and I have to say, both of the previews looked better than I expected. Maybe it's the McKellen factor; who knows. But even Miami Vice looked better than the first time I saw it, during which the audience laughed the entire time, so maybe I was just feeling particularly open to new movies.

When we came out at 4 pm, people were lined up from the box office to the parking lot. Our friend Mr. Adams was out on the steps telling people that the 4:15 and the seven-whatever were sold out. Also, Utah has canceled Brokeback Mountain. It's not every day Alabama gets to feel superior to another state, I tell you what.

Oh, and I mentioned this on m15m, but in case you don't have that friended: The interview I did with the Irish Times, in Saturday's paper.

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