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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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jadis - another damn day

God, I think my sore throat/earache is coming back, which is pissing me off. Although it would explain the random fatigue. As for work, I can't decide if I should plug ahead on the stuff I'm working on, or move on to... other parts I'm working on.

Former President Gerald Ford Hospitalized.

Captors threaten to kill U.S. journalist. This isn't a particularly unusual story, sadly, but it grabbed me because of this: Journalist Jill Carroll, 28, a freelance writer on assignment for the Christian Science Monitor, was kidnapped January 7 in western Baghdad. Basically, I had a "that could have been me" moment. If, you know, I was a journalist. For the Christian Science Monitor. In Iraq.

Minnesota students discover that 'royal' is a sex convict.

Satellite cured the radio star.

Throw rocks at boys! And I managed to beat the game, too!

It's Anna Quindlen's turn to rank on James Frey.

You may never want to go to the dentist again.

Dionaea House updates: loreenmathers has updated. (Thanks, kookaburra1701!)


Crazy Ray Nagin's "chocolate city" MLK Day speech.

Nagin backpedals, apologizes.

My friend Marcus is pissed.

The t-shirts arrive. ("Can we have it without nuts?" Hee.)

Massive Golden Globes/movie spam at dailydigestnews: Isaac Mizrahi gets a handful, Reese gets scammed, Rachel Weisz may join the Batman sequel, casting news for The Prestige, and I have figured out who the Hermione doll looks like. Also, handy top-down run through of the Globes blogging I did, with the earliest on top.

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I noticed that! Totally should have tipped them off.

(Deleted comment)
OK, I am confused by the whole loreenmathers-Dionaea House thing. Found the website and it looks creepy and/or fake, but is there more to this story I missed?

It's an ongoing "unfiction" thing that's about a year old--it's a screenwriter who's been using blogs and journals (and websites, and text message records...) to tell this really creepy story.

http://www.livejournal.com/users/cleolinda/tag/dionaea+house -- particularly the earliest two entries--if you want to know more.

"Throw rocks at boys" was basically my motto in elementry school. Sometimes I wish I'd never changed that motto.

And Crazy Ray...whoooooooboy. Saw that on the news last night and...sheesh.

Feel better. :)

I love my dentist. He dug four teeth out of the back of my jaw, and the only thing uncomfortable was the noise it made. I barely felt a thing even after the shot wore off.

I fear other dentists even more now.

I wish I'd been so lucky. The guy who took mine out did it in 20 minutes, and I hurt for a good two weeks after. I still have lingering sensitivity in the bak of my mouth, and I know I'm not the only one. Plus, the thing got infected a week after the surgery and I took all my antibiotics. Should that happen? I doubt it.

What kind of poorly read high school students were these if no one picked up on that? ~.^

[Normal ones, I'm kind of afraid. A ridiculously high number of my friends hadn't read (or heard of) Narnia prior to to movie release, even though I'd always thought it was sort of a classic...]

Augh, in reference to the "Caspian" bit, I meant. I swear I posted this as a reply. *frowns at her computer*

...there's new Dionaea House stuff? I thought it was over and done with nearly two years ago!

Time for another trip through the door!

Jill Carroll's story grabbed me too.

Here's an article about Ms. Carroll's interpreter who was shot by her kidnappers.

So last year a group of statisticians built a model to predict the success of a book based on its title, it works for about 70% of the time. And now the company that commissioned the research has put up a program the Lulu Titlescorer where you enter a title and it'll tell you the chances that it'll end up as a bestseller. It's a lot of fun, even if you do get a result like 10.2%.

Susie Bright has another about JT Leroy, claiming that the stories of Leroy are something like slash fiction.

Heh. I went through all that trouble puzzling out the grammatics, only to realize that you *had* run my title through.

("The Black Ribbon" has a 41.4% chance, so that looks much better. "The DaVinci Code"? 35.9%. Heh.)

You may never want to go to the dentist again.

If you think that's bad, check this out.

The scariest thing is that THIS GUY TOOK MY WISDOM TEETH OUT about 2 years after that. He also was brought up on witness tampering, because he made repeated attempts to get both the girl he raped and the girl he stupidly told about it to not go to the police. This was a good looking man, he had like 5 kids, the "perfect life" and does something like this. Gross.

Police say that worker then told the patient what had happened.

Good God. I cannot imagine how that conversation went.


Hahah 7 and 9 year old performing 'Lazy Sunday' hahah.

"Gerald Ford dead today at the senseless age of 83."

I may not be first to say it but it's still funny. Oh, Dana Carvey.

Dude. I was listening to bits of that speech on the news the other day, and going "DAYum, this whole thing has really broken that man's brain, hasn't it?"

Heehee... reverse racism makes me giggle.

Caspian... *sigh*, if only I had been there to unmask this false royal...Fwah!

Plus, why would a "teen who is 27th from the throne" move to Minnesota? No offense to people in that state, but it isn't exactly the most Happenin' place in the Country, you know?

Plus, in the picture that goes with the article, he looks like he's about to go digging for gold ^o^.

*Is amused*

Oh, hell, I still love Roxette. Feel no shame.