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msauvage purple

I'm sorry, I'm sorry! My internet crapped out and I couldn't post a Lost discussion entry. Woe.

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Oh well. You miss about 400 posts and replies before lost. XD

I need icons of the last line from jack please!

(Deleted comment)
We had a pseudo-discussion happening over at virtuistic that went rather well.

You're on an island. With you on the island are a former cop and a former soldier. Which do you ask to form your army?

Stupid internet!

It's OK, though, I'm just glad you weren't taken deathly ill (as you mentioned not feeling well earlier)

There was plenty of fun had over with virtuistic and our little off-shoot crowd :o)

Preview for next week: Hurley thinks Libby looks familiar. This is because she was probably working at the psych ward he was stuck in OMG!

omg whoa didn't think of that! I just thought he was being cheesy pickup line man.

That's OK. Now you don't have to read through 10 pages of comments.

Where was Eko?! And Sayid has rarely been showing up, either.

Whenever Jack has trouble with Kate, he turns to Ana Lucia. Figures. love triangles are always solved in either of 2 ways: a.) introduce another to even out the number; b.) kill one of them.

YESSSSSSS, ARMYYYYYY. I cheered when he asked that. It made up for an episode that didn't answer ANY questions. (Last week's, however, was AWESOME.)

Well, they did say Walt's OK. (And they obviously took him because he's "special.")

And for some bizarre reason, I like episodes that raise more questions. Like why did they let Michael in? And did someone shoot at Sawyer, or was there a forcefield that shot his bullet back at him?

Alas! I think we should rework the song Miss American Pie to "the day the internet died," because that is also a truly tragic experience.

It's all good though, we had a make-shift discussion over at my el jay and there was much rejoicing.

Gerard Butler's new flick has had their website updated, and the movie's trailer is finally out!


The lead other dude looked like Santa Clause (does it have an e?) gone rotten. Moral of the lesson....Jack has issues, but then that's the moral of every lesson.

The person on TWoP mentioned them training to be ninja fighters, so when Jack mentioned wanting to make an army, my first odd thought was of ninja Hurley.

cheers here's to Lost love

By moral of the lesson I meant episode.....here's to redundant writing.


Well, everybody on the friendly side of the island seems to have taken their st00pid pills this week. Someone should've warned Michael about Interwub predators. Sawyer gets shot again (Jack: "Oh my God! They shot Sawyer!" Kate: "You BASTARDS!"). Jack proves to be a blindingly horrid judge of character, and Kate ruins everything. The end.

And I like how Ana-L is too new to recognize that Vincent's affection is the slobbery lick of Death. And Jack says "Let's make the least-liked woman on the island -- even counting the Others -- into a drill sergeant. Yeah, that'll work. After all, she killed one of them!" By that logic, Charlie should be In Charge, having an edge in the "Haven't Killed a Lostaway Accidentally" department, but looks like that might change by next week (Turniphead adrift?).

And the Others are now annoyingly all-powerful in their Mad Jungle Skillz. There was so-good-they're-creepy, but now I think they've gone all the way to writers-are-just-being-obnoxious levels of infiltraty.

Sing it with me!

Charlie in charge of our days and our nights
Charlie in charge of our wrongs and our rights

I want Charlie in charge of me!

Laughing muchly at too many things to quote. Thank you!

No prob, hon...I had my own little discussion with myself on my LJ. 'Cause the voices, you know, they keep me company.


off-topic blather, because 1) i've had no luck with pimping e-mails getting through lately and 2) i know there are Firefly fans around these parts:

a song by dinosaurs, about dinosaurs. so very amusing.

Emails? I haven't gotten any emails--I've gotten a couple of others, but from people who signed other LJ usernames.

At the end, my mom said, "Jack honey, you don't have to try and fix everything."

...Well, OK. She didn't say "honey," but she did say the rest.

So true. If Michael wants to go off into the woods, well...it sucks that he'll probably be disappeared by The Others, but that's his business. Same with Kate - who made Jack King of the Island that he can yell at her to go back to camp? If anyone's going Lord of the Flies... (you know, besides Ana-Lucia - coincidence Jack goes to her instead of the actual SOLDIER for help with an army?)

Anyway, yeah, Jack is on a bit of an annoying saving-the-world ego trip.

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