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So, now that I've made my big scam post on m15m, here's the Bad Thing I was talking about the other day:

My mother resigned from her job today. She's worked there a year and half, and they've had her doing the work of three people, yet were mysteriously unhappy when she did not, in fact, magically become three people. Never mind that she's working twelve-hour days just to keep her department's head above water and it's about to kill her. This came to a head on Friday, when she had a Come to Jesus talk with her employers that made her think that she was soon to be of the firing. The thing is, if you're fired, yes, you can collect unemployment insurance. Apparently in some states, you can simply say that you worked for someone from this date to that date and then say, "No, you can't call them back and check up on me." In Alabama? Can't do that. A future employer could call this one, and could ask, "Would you rehire her, if the opportunity arose?," and in the case of a firing, they can say, "No." So a firing, whether it was justified or not, is something of a stigma on your resumé here, and once I realized this, I started urging her to resign ASAP and beat them to the punch.

Well, she was going to resign Wednesday, but she went ahead and did it today. Her immediate supervisor was shocked--I half think that the employers were happy to vent their spleen on her and then continue working her into the ground; it may have sounded like they were going to fire her, but in reality, they had no such intention. The way it's worked out, then, has been for the best--they were taken by surprise and asked her to stay on 6-8 weeks to train the people who will take over her responsibilities and get them to a point where she can leave. We're going to sell my neglected car (which has been fixed, by the way) and the old engagement diamond my dad gave her (remember, they're divorced and she has since remarried), and with all that together, we've probably bought ourselves six months to regroup.

As of the other day, though, all I knew was, "She either has to quit or be fired. There goes half our income." I was a little anxious about this. Y'know.

I do want to make clear, though, that I think of this journal as having sort of a documentary aspect--I'm telling you this because you're reading and it's what's going on. We'll get through this, as we get through everything else, and if you want to observe that, it's here. This is not me on the fainting couch with my hand to my brow, is what I'm saying. I know how generous LJers can be--I'm saying this in part because I fear waking up tomorrow and finding out that y'all have taken up a collection or something, because I have seen so many people do that for friends who really needed it. And we're certainly nowhere near that. I really, honestly feel like I have been so, so fortunate in my life so far--I mean, at least we have things we can sell, you know? There are things we can do, and already things are looking up, with the extra time we've been given. I can get my Jo March on and finish the projects I'm working on; my stepfather has his job, and he's settled into it now and seems to really enjoy it. I'm not in class at the moment, so that's another expense we don't have to worry about, and I can take the summer off as well if I need to. I'm going to be stewing in my own anxiety for a while, I'm sure, but we'll get through it.

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