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My throat's starting to hurt again--it's the stupid sinus drainage plus the flip-flop weather, is what it is. I did get a refill of my Wellbutrin today, so I should be on the road to normalizing that now. I'm tired, though. Fine--just tired. So not much from me today.

I can't decide whether to put all entertainment news on dailydigestnews, or just movie news. So the TV/music stuff is here today.

Nyxem Worm Programmed to Erase Files.

Investigator: U.S. 'Outsourced' Torture. I am outraged that hundreds of jobs have been taken away from hard-working American torturers!

WB, UPN to join together and form giant robot new network, CW.

'Lost' Stars Get Massive Salary Increase.

West Poses As Jesus for Rolling Stone. With picture.

Kevin Federline jams to "PopoZao." "What do you get when you mix a giant douchebag, a recording studio, and the worst single ever released by a human being? The funniest fucking thing you'll see today. You haven't lived until you've seen Kevin Federline bobbing his head and tripping out to his own pathetic single. Well maybe you have, but everything up until now has just been practice for this."

Oh, bail-jumping, mother-assaulting, alias-shuffling, writer-defrauding literary agent, you so crazy!

The most awesome text-adventure game ever. With bonus political hilarity!

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