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I have a weird lump on the back of my head, about the size of a golf ball, a few inches behind my left ear--I get it sometimes, but it's never hurt this bad. I was asking around, and it's very likely a form of bursitis--an inflammation of a sac near a joint or moving part (and it is kind of close to my neck) caused by strain or damage. My doctor thinks that this, and my intestinal catastrophes on Saturday, were caused by the whole thing about Mom losing/leaving her job. Which I can see, because I was completely calm about it, supportive, rational, what-have-you, all weekend. Because that's what I do. But upset and anxiety always finds a way to express itself, with me anyway, and since I don't really have or know any other way to deal with it mentally, I end up with, like, one of the seven plagues of Egypt. I am dead serious. It used to be massive upset stomachs--or maybe it was headaches; I can't remember which came first. Whichever one it was, I got that under control after several years, and then the other one kicked up as my go-to physical response. Then I got that under control, and what did I start getting? Boils. I am not freakin' kidding. And I'm a firstborn, too, so you can see why I'm hoping this doesn't get any more Biblical than it has to. But I seem to have gone back to upset stomachs, with an upgrade of bursitical knots and massive insomnia. Although the insomnia is at least partly caused by the Wellbutrin withdrawal/readjustment (I have a fresh supply now). I'm just hoping like hell that locusts don't show up.

Author Frey admits fictions, Oprah apologizes. WHOA! He admits to everything, y'all--he says the Smoking Gun report is "pretty accurate. They did a good job." And Oprah apologizes for that phone call to Larry King defending him. Oh man. I totally need a cigarette right now.

Police investigate family of seven crash death; tractor trailer shoved car into school bus.

Evidence suggests that a tractor-trailer never braked before it rear-ended a car full of young relatives and shoved it into a stopped school bus on a rural highway, killing all seven children in the car, state troopers said. [A 15-year-old was driving; no adult was in the car.] As authorities tried to determine why the truck driver apparently didn't stop, the children's family tried to cope with unimaginable grief that grew even more heart wrenching after Wednesday's crash when a grandfather died. William Scott, 62, "had a massive heart attack tonight over all this," Barbara Mann, the children's mother and Scott's daughter, told CNN on Wednesday. "I can't deal with it."
Foreign Leaders Shocked at Hamas Win.

Malaysia Creates Team to Track 'Bigfoot.'

India history spat hits US.

Officers Discharged Under Gay Policy.

Life without a Blackberry? Users shudder to think. My favorite is the "I'M NOT AN ADDICT!" guy.

Michael Jackson Spotted in Robe and Veil.

The Bloggies nominations. Some of the nominations are... interesting.

A woman drawn from the inside out--that is to say, starting from bone structure and then into muscles, skin, etc.

ciara_belle: "I don't know if you saw this, but there is now a West Coast answer to the SNL Narnia rap. It's like the most adorable rap feud ever. ^^ (I mention because Stein in the video is a cousin of a good friend of mine.)"


Best blonde joke ever.

Argh, pain. Back to work.

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