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Going to a play tonight and then out for drinks; have spent entire morning in outfit-planning anxiety. Did take Tylenol PM last night, though, and had the closest thing to a night of actual sleep that I've had in two weeks.

Gawker's live-blog, screencapped coverage of Fake Writer Day, also known as "Oprah pwns James Frey."

eBaumsgate continues: "USA Network has ordered a pilot of 'EBaum's World,' a new show based on the website that hosts an irreverent collection of user-generated home videos and humor. The idea is for the show to air after RAW on Monday nights."

jedilora: "Okay, the Narnia Rap Battle? East coast response is that it's not about Color me Mine--it's all about PLASTER FUNTIME."

allthelivesofme: "My friend and I just published the sequel to our first book-- it's available here. There's also a larger version of the book cover here, which I have to point out because the people we got to work on it did a great job, in my completely non-biased opinion. ;-) (and a huge, huge thank you, by the way, to anyone who bought the first book. You're seventy-three different kinds of awesome) :-) "

The only thing better than watching K-Fed make an ass of himself for us: James Lipton reciting "Popozao" on Conan. 


I am still updating dailydigestnews, by the way--it's become much simpler to do now that I've just started moving all the movie linkspam over there. Sometimes I don't recap what I've posted back over here, but I'll try to do that briefly--just know that it's still updating, even when I don't. Today: POTC Heroine Addict icons, Joaquin Phoenix in car accident, ill-advised casting rumor for a new Wuthering Heights; Gwyneth Paltrow puts foot in mouth; Nick Cave and Pete Doherty news (what? I don't have anywhere else to put it, and the Nick Cave bit really is about a movie); more from Sundance.

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