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I don't know about y'all, but I can't get Livejournal to come up. There's a comment about a somewhat pressing matter that I've been trying to answer and can't, because I CAN'T GET LIVEJOURNAL TO COME UP. This is really, really frustrating (and I very likely won't be able to reply to any comments here, either. But I'll get them in my email).

So. Sister Girl has actually gone out and gotten herself a job--something that initially terrified me, but you'd have to hear the back story to know why: Read more...Collapse )

So, you know, if you look up into the sky and see winged pork, that's what that's about.

Defamer: American Idol owns your teenage daughter.

Panel: Teflon Chemical a Likely Carcinogen.

Frey Fiasco Sheds Light on Publishing. That is to say, on the fact that people expect memoirs to be mostly truthful.

'Lost' Actor Delivers State Senate Prayer. I am going to learn to spell this man's name if it kills me.

nasus221: "Don't know if you saw this, I thought it was interesting. It explains some of the tricks that reality tv producers use to make their shows more interesting or follow the plot lines they want it to." DAMMIT! It turns out that the best scene in any reality show ever was fabricated (the subtitles!). The best scene until "MY OX IS BROKEN [OMG I HATE YOU]," I mean.

Keith Olbermann pwns Bill O'Reilly. Delicious.

The Edge and U2 Offer Aid to New Orleans.

New Orleans' Jazz Fest to Go On. These last two stories are not to be read as cause-and-effect, by the way.

Great White Manager to Cop Plea.

Parking fine sparks poetic muse.

Neil Gaiman's new site. (Awww! I liked the old layout!)

Pamie eats at a local Jollibee in LA and raises some hackles. ("Jollibee fucked your mom is my new favorite insult in the world.")

Snack Deathmatch!

These? Are fingernails.

My favorite doll repaint artist and her latest auction.

Juicy gossip at dailydigestnews, plus two entries over there yesterday, so make sure you scroll down and stuff. If it will load for YOU.

And finally, from Heh: L&O: SVU themed Valentine's Day cards.

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