Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

AUGH. The eyelid twitch has come back. Which makes it particularly difficult to apply eyeshadow--I don't usually wear makeup, but since I'm working at home anyway, I started getting this urge to play practice. With colors, mostly--I loathe foundation, but I have heard that some of Lush's*^ cleansing products are so good that you won't even need it. Of course, I can't afford them right now, so I'm just going to pretend I have gorgeously creamy-clear skin and move on.

(Also, it doesn't hurt that my mother unloaded some lipsticks and eyeshadows that she tried but didn't like on me. Whee, Revlon cream eyeshadow palette in "Shell"!)

* God, I wish I had a giant bathtub and, like, all of their bath bombs right now. The one I've got is pitifully shallow, and is more like a bathpan than a bathtub, or maybe a bathsaucer.

^ I just saw a moisturizer on there, 1.5 oz, that costs seventy-two dollars ($72), Jesus.

And while we're here: good Lord, is it pissing down rain today. My dogs are deeply depressed about this because... actually, I don't know why, because they're indoor dogs, but they are. If Sister Girl hadn't needed help with an insane amount of paperage today ("Write about the history and production of chocolate," plus I think two other things and a project), I'm not sure I would have gotten out of bed at all. It's just that kind of day--curl up and hide.

Man Held in Bar Attack Dies After Shootout.

Nearly 2,000 Inmates Riot in Calif. Jail.

It's nice to know that the Stones can still generate some controversy, no matter how mild.

Adfreak blogs the Super Bowl.

A day-after rundown of the commercials.

Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl! Puppy Bowl!

IFILM's Viral Video: Best of 2005.

Last Conservative has finally put up a free download of "Happy Together," but since I had a little trouble getting it (they were getting slammed by traffic, basically), I also have it up here. Be awesome and visit their site anyway.

karma1230: Clothes for your... iPod? 

Ambigrams. DUDE. As soon as I land another advance, I am commissioning one of these. Possibly as a letterhead, because I crave personalized stationery.

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