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Cleolinda Jones

Arrrrrgh, eye twitch. (Or perhaps that should just be plain ARRRRRRR, if I end up having to get a patch to give my eye a rest.) Meanwhile, my dogs are having weird yeast/skin infections that they keep passing back and forth, so it's to the laundry room with all the old pillows they've ever slept on. Also, I just realized that I have no idea how I'm going to pay my taxes.

On the other hand, I am having a very good hair day. Whee!

Iranian Paper Plans Holocaust Cartoons. People, we have made Holocaust comedies. Editorial cartoons and web comics offend people every day, and we don't burn shit down over it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, the offended Muslims in question are going to have to understand that what we are dealing with here is a significant intellectual difference in the way we approach religion and speech, and that this level of offense was neither meant nor would be taken at anything they could draw. I mean, Larry Flynt is a hard act to top, and we never burnt down anything over him, either. Related: Afghan police kill four in cartoon bloodshed; Protests Over Drawings a 'Global Crisis'.

Mystery of Author 'JT LeRoy' Unravels. 

More from the Super Bowl: "Addicted to Lost."

sweetdaddydavid: "Das Uberdick that attacked those people in the Mass. gay bar had a freakin' Myspace. WARNING: its a myspace, so looking at it my cause your head to burst into flames. For shits and giggles, make sure you read all the supportive comments people have left him. He's a Juggalo (follower of the rap group Insane Clown Posse) so there's some Juggalo-ese in there. MCL = Much Clown Love. Yes, that's as insane as it sounds." The journal has since been taken down, but... y'all, a Juggalo.

Unfortunate Style That Looks Good on No One of the moment, following in the footsteps of ultralowrise pants: hot pants/"cheerleader bloomers."

BMW Cut From Google Results for Cheating.

newbia:  "ou simply MUST add The Ultimate Showdown to your linkspam list. Seriously, it's the most awesome flash animation in the history of the internet. It's like the Llama Song plus the Lions in Kenya song to power of seventy-billion."

Shakespearean eyeshadow!

Zomg akathorne's commissioned Avalon piece has come in from Kythryne at Wearable Sculpture. I commissioned something small for the Avalon series myself (back before the money troubles hit), but I haven't seen it yet--for Condwiramurs (aka Blanchefleur, but I wanted to focus more on the tower aspect than the "blanche fleur" part), and I am so excited omg. Update: It came in, it came in! Eeeee!

P.S. Everyone, including the love rats, are naked over on dailydigestnews today.

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