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Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Arrrrrgh, eye twitch. (Or perhaps that should just be plain ARRRRRRR, if I end up having to get a patch to give my eye a rest.) Meanwhile, my dogs are having weird yeast/skin infections that they keep passing back and forth, so it's to the laundry room with all the old pillows they've ever slept on. Also, I just realized that I have no idea how I'm going to pay my taxes.

On the other hand, I am having a very good hair day. Whee!

Iranian Paper Plans Holocaust Cartoons. People, we have made Holocaust comedies. Editorial cartoons and web comics offend people every day, and we don't burn shit down over it. I guess what I'm trying to say is, the offended Muslims in question are going to have to understand that what we are dealing with here is a significant intellectual difference in the way we approach religion and speech, and that this level of offense was neither meant nor would be taken at anything they could draw. I mean, Larry Flynt is a hard act to top, and we never burnt down anything over him, either. Related: Afghan police kill four in cartoon bloodshed; Protests Over Drawings a 'Global Crisis'.

Mystery of Author 'JT LeRoy' Unravels. 

More from the Super Bowl: "Addicted to Lost."

sweetdaddydavid: "Das Uberdick that attacked those people in the Mass. gay bar had a freakin' Myspace. WARNING: its a myspace, so looking at it my cause your head to burst into flames. For shits and giggles, make sure you read all the supportive comments people have left him. He's a Juggalo (follower of the rap group Insane Clown Posse) so there's some Juggalo-ese in there. MCL = Much Clown Love. Yes, that's as insane as it sounds." The journal has since been taken down, but... y'all, a Juggalo.

Unfortunate Style That Looks Good on No One of the moment, following in the footsteps of ultralowrise pants: hot pants/"cheerleader bloomers."

BMW Cut From Google Results for Cheating.

newbia:  "ou simply MUST add The Ultimate Showdown to your linkspam list. Seriously, it's the most awesome flash animation in the history of the internet. It's like the Llama Song plus the Lions in Kenya song to power of seventy-billion."

Shakespearean eyeshadow!

Zomg akathorne's commissioned Avalon piece has come in from Kythryne at Wearable Sculpture. I commissioned something small for the Avalon series myself (back before the money troubles hit), but I haven't seen it yet--for Condwiramurs (aka Blanchefleur, but I wanted to focus more on the tower aspect than the "blanche fleur" part), and I am so excited omg. Update: It came in, it came in! Eeeee!

P.S. Everyone, including the love rats, are naked over on dailydigestnews today.

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Eeee, The Ultimate Showdown! My younger brother basically dragged me over to the computer when I went to visit mom and dad and made me watch that. Absolutely 100% insane. :-D

I do think it's funny Iranians think people are going to be that upset with cartoons after having their diplomats set on fire. Especially since they'll know they're just doing with the intent of being pissy. Amazing that a little doodling sets back East-West relations. Perhaps the pen is mightier.


Um, he's kind of an important character, they might want to sign him up. Losing Dumbledore was bad enough.

Who wants to volunteer to tell the Sephora Eyeshadow folks that Lysander is a GUY?

In some productions, not an especially manly guy, but definitely a guy.

Where's Viola and all the cross-dressing gals?

And as to the holocaust cartoon, I can hear 9000 members of Hadassah rolling over in their graves.

Oh man, I totally want the Ophelia eyeshadow.

Just a gentle inquiry - what's up with the BPAL imps you were sending? I only ask because I've had stuff get lost in the mail multiple times, so now I'm super-paranoid about the USPS.

No, no--don't feel bad for asking, it's my fault. I knew I wouldn't be able to get them out immediately but this is even later than I expected. I have, however, gotten the mailers and printed the labels and will be putting packages together this evening.

lovelovelovelovelove addicted to Lost!

Ultimate showdown... make it stop playing in my heaaaad!

Iranian Paper Plans Holocaust Cartoons.

So it must be a day that ends in "y". Seriously, how is this going to be any different than all the Holocaust-denial/anti-Semitic crap they print every day of the week? Also: attention Iranian editors, who are apparently illiterate or whose brains have all been eaten away by syphilis: The Holocaust/Jews have no direct correlation to Denmark.


Das Uberdick has reposted his MySpace journal with an apolo...oh, way, not an apology because that would be classy.

About me:
While the mainstream media is busy covering this tragic yet insignificant story, important things are going on in the world. The sad irony of the supposed “information age” is a noticeable absence of actual news from America’s most popular media outlets. House fires, car accidents, kidnappings—while all certainly important to the few people they immediately concern—are completely irrelevant to the human race as a whole, yet these such stories dominate the headlines. This is said to exclude stories of celebrity lifestyles, "human interest", and sports, all of which have positively no value to civic life. This standard of journalistic irresponsibility works in direct contrast with democracy, as citizens of America—a nation heralded as a supposed bastion of democracy—remain the most ill-informed citizens in the developed world. For example, a majority of Americans continue to believe that Saddam Hussein was directly responsible for the 11 September attacks, but know for certain that Lindsey Lohan has struggle with an eating disorder.

As such stories grip American audiences, the current administration in the White House is setting a course for American the democracy that could very well see it to its finish, much in the vein of Roman democracy’s defeat beneath the boot of militaristic dictatorship. At this crossroad of history, we find America much more concerned with stories which will never amount to as much as a sentence in any history book. Fascism, the face of which has begun to emerge in America, thrives on ignorance of this sort, relying upon a population sedated by inconsequential matters and willingly ignorant of issues central to the survival of their community and species.

Shame on the American media, and shame on the American public. You have shunned the gift of knowledge afforded to us by thousands of years of human progress, and have chosen rather the bliss of ignorance. The price could prove to be the freedom of the greatest democracy of all time.

Raise your hand if you believe the little twerp actually wrote that all by himself.

(Deleted comment)
Hee! Well, Kythryne did say that she got some orders out of the last time I linked to her. I hope she has a picture of my tower pendant around somewhere, because the more I look at it (I have it hanging over my desk/computer screen at the moment), the more I like it. I keep finding all this crazy deep thematic shit ("But, see, the little pearl next to the stick pearl is, like, saying that we need to maintain boundaries and keep people out of our own space, but they're still there outside and so it's not like we're alone, and...") and I totally sound like I'm stoned or something.

(Deleted comment)
Ooh, Shakespearean eyeshadow. I've never tried anything by Pixi, but they have some cute stuff. And that necklace is beautiful. *hides wallet from self*

"the Lions in Kenya song"


a significant intellectual difference in the way we approach religion and speech

One of the major problems is that in many of these countries, the press is state-run, and thus by allowing for this comic to be published, there is an understanding that the state also endorses it. Doesn't help that the Danish government overruled a cartoon mocking Christianity earlier.

Did you hear the story about the Iranian tabloid that tried reprinting the comic? The editor was fired, of course, but I thought it was very interesting. On NPR he said that "Cartoons aren't harming Islam - the beheading of hostages harms Islam."

I'm concerned about the timing. This cartoon ran months ago, and now we're having riots?

In our local paper today was a letter that said, basically, if a paper published blasphemous cartoons depicting Jesus or Mary or Moses, there would be an outcry around the world.

I think the letter-writer's never seen Last Temptation of Christ or that portrait of Mary made of dung?