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Occupation: Girl

Please close the door and switch on the fun without fail.

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Happy Valentine's Day!
So, three years running now:
I just wanted to say that I have totally stolen this idea taken the advice of kungfumegadevil and am reclaiming Valentine's Day for my friends list:

If you're feeling down about Valentine's Day, I encourage you to do the same. Send valentines. Any kind; in comments and posts, in e-mail, in letters, by phone, over coffee. Forget those stupid relationships for a few hours and just give someone you love a little attention.

Everyone on my friends list has been so supportive the last few months, and I just wanted to say thank you, and say that Valentine's Day is about all the people you care about, not just one person you may or may not have in your life. Chocolate for everyone!

So, for two years running, I hereby declare everyone reading this to be Valentined, and to be Deputy Valentine Fairies, empowered to take these icons (or any of their own creation) and go Valentine others.


< img src="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v118/cleoicons/valentined.png" ></div>

Take out the spaces, of course.

All Valentine's or love-related linkspam!

Snarky X3 Valentines. The Rogue one is my favorite, because it's so true.

Holy jihad, Batman! We're still not sure where Frank Miller's going to find room to put the whores, however. (I'm squeaking this one in on the grounds that I adore Frank Miller's cracktasticness; Sin City is, in fact, all about love, for all its headcrackitude; and here is Vicki Vale's ass.)

Holy crap so many new BPAL blends. This month's Lunacy, Sleepy Moon (I think it's still up today as well): "A nearly-narcotic blend of opiate-touched bark and blossom reflective of the bleakness and solitude of winter, the quietest point of the year : black opium poppy, bamboo pulp, ylang ylang, lavender, chamomile and white sandalwood." Also, the t-shirt is gorgeous. Next month: Peony Moon. (Related: The Newbie's Guide to BPAL.)

The Valentine's part: meanwhile, I just got a CnS for my Smut/Red Lantern/Perfumed Garden Lupercalia order, which I am justifying by swearing up and down that I will sell decants of what I don't like (and maybe half of what I do like). I just placed it, like, last week, so this is exciting.

The Odd Couple. "Cairo, an Italian mastiff puppy, was introduced as a playmate to 10-week-old Koza, a lion cub whose twin died, at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. The idea is that lions are social animals, but there are no other lion cubs at the park for Koza to interact with. Cairo is the next best thing." AWWWW.

Tarte lip glosses named after famous lovers. WESTLEY AND BUTTERCUP SQUEE! Also, I think they have a new Roger and Mimi. Predictably, Jack and Rose ("JACK!" "ROSE!" "JACK!" "ROSE!" "JAAAAACK!" "ROOOOSE!") is sold out. Lessee, other notables: Fred and Winnie, Cliff and Clair (AWWW), Bogey and Bacall, Fred and Ginger, Tarzan and Jane, and Baby and Johnny (hee).

Smart Bitches Who Love Trashy Novels: Come for the Dominican Bitches, Stay for the Man Titty. And they have new romance novel covers to mock, too!

Scott Stapp Gets Married, Arrested. I don't know about you, but my day is now a little brighter.

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We are thinking along the same lines, because I had saved this icon from last year and had just posted about it in my LJ!

So, you've been Valentined!

You know, I almost can't wait for Holy Terror in the same way I can't wait for the Cletus Federline album to come out -- not because I plan on indulging in either, but because I can't wake for the blog-quake of irrepressible snark and vitriol that's sure to result from evil.

Sure, there's a mathematical chance that Miller will make it readable and possibly even interesting. But no, I'm expecting it to be thoroughly embarrassing, on a variety of levels.

Batman? Dude, if we had Batman on our side the war in Iraq would have been over years ago.

Okay, we know that he was drunk, but what was she on to want to marry him in the first place?

Incidentally, from my LJ yesterday:

Dear Scott Stapp:
You are not Bono, you will never be Bono, and you will NEVER be six feet from The Edge.

That among open letters to a number of different musicians I had to hear on the radio whilst running errands.

Well said. :) I am running a campaign to reclaim Valentines Day from card manufacturers!

ooh, thanks for the link to the newbie guide - I've often wondered what the heck BPAL is. it seems a little complicated to get into, but those lip glosses look right up my alley..

I love this idea! Thanks. :^)

The fact that they have a Roger and Mimi but not a Rodolfo and Mimi is really, really annoying.

The marketing department for Tarte is obviously brilliant, because I now want...oh, about half of those lip glosses.

And I think that I am going to hit Sephora tonight and buy myself a little Valentine's Day gift of Wesley and Buttercup!

So I'm telling you here b/c I'm sure you won't get around to all the entries on your f-list - I sent you a virtual valentine but forgot to log in so it doesn't say who it's from. *sigh* I need to get more sleep. So I'm telling you here, it's from me and I love ya! :)

Cleo, you are teh bomb. (Not to be mistaken for Teh Bomb.)

Hee. I sent cheesy Hello Kitty valentines to all my friends. Spent $15 on postage, and that's not including the on-campus ones.

We are further reclaiming the holiday by spending our evening going to a Lenelle Moise reading and then watching 28 Days Later. Because nothing says Valentine's like militant feminist lesbian slam poetry and flesh-eating zombies!

I tried those Tarte lip glosses once (Rhett and Scarlett, I believe) and hated it. Far too sticky and it didnt' spread well at all. Do not be fooled by the cute names!

And Happy Valentine's Day to you too.

Just thanking you for the link. It's a great idea. (By the way, I'm Jen...you've been on my friend's list for a while through dazymo). I enjoy your posts!