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Man. The women's snowboard cross was worth it just to hear an Olympic sports announcer scream, "She did a METHOD?! SHE--SHE TWEAKED!" I knew going in that Jacobellis had apparently "thrown the gold away on a dumb showboat move" (to quote my stepfather), but I didn't know who won instead, and I hadn't seen any footage--so I got to watch the whole event, from quarter-finals onward, with the grim foreknowledge that somehow, somewhere, Jacobellis was going to biff.

And she did. The fact that she had a gigundo lead most of the race just made it sting worse, of course.

It's a little cruel, though, to replay her father's reaction as he watches that last part of the race. And to get up in her face at the bottom of the slope. And here's Jacobellis claiming she was trying to stabilize herself. And maybe she was, although that tug on the board doesn't look "stabilizing." She's not in tears, though, which is probably more than I would have been able to manage. (Full story.)

Also, I have to say that I must be a big ol' softie because once I found out that Wescott and Tanja Frieden are dating, I totally started rooting for Frieden, so I ended up being glad she won--it was really sweet to see them down at the bottom of the course.

(Oh God, and there's Maelle Ricker being toted away on a sled in, like, a body bag. She took out a whole chunk of snow fence when she fell and didn't even get back up. "OH THE CARNAGE!!" shrieks the announcer.)

And here's some bullshit editorial montage (with Pensive Music and Sad, Sad Slo-Mo) about how Sometimes It Really Is About Winning the Medals and how, No Matter What Success She Has In Life, Lindsey Jacobellis Will Never Forget That She Fucked Up. Thanks, man. I'm sure she appreciates the sentiment.

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