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Y'all have got to hear this Unplugged version of "Wicked Game" that I nabbed off audiography. If nothing else, I finally understand the background vocals. (Let me know if the download runs out and I'll reload it.)

Pete Doherty is a hoax?  What?

Record jackpot winner laying low:

Even when the lucky individual or group realizes [that they've won], they might not leap into the public eye. "We have found ... that they tend to wait until they have sought legal counsel or financial counsel," Jim Haynes, acting director of the Nebraska Lottery, said of large jackpot winners.

Whoever it is, U-Stop store clerk Stacey Carey has a message for them. "If I sold the ticket to 'em I hope they'd share in the winnings — at least, even one-tenth of a percent would suit me just fine," Carey told AP Radio in a telephone interview.

And now you know why they're laying low.

kosher_jenny: "With all the fuss about about the NBC/youtube thing, people might not have noticed that a Midwest response to the Lazy Sunday feud has been released. And it is hilarious."

Federline says he's ready for backlash. I thought, in order to have a backlash, people had to like you in the first place...?

Hunter S. Thompson's widow starts up Woody Creeker magazine.

Belated valentines.

Looking for a new blog to read? Try the Blogebrity A-List.

The Onion on Frank Miller's Holy Terror, Batman! ("A cartoon targeting the Muslim world. I bet that'll go over great").

McSweeney's: I came for The Five Most Dangerous Children's Books Ever Written, According to Sean Hannity and stayed for When a Stranger E-Mails and The Elements of Spam.

Leonard Pitt (a columnist I used to really enjoy reading, back when I read actual newsprint newspapers) on losing our liberty:

The scene is the Little Falls branch of the Montgomery County Public Library in Bethesda, Md. Business is going on as usual when two men in uniform stride into the main reading room and call for attention. Then they make an announcement: It is forbidden to use the library's computers to view Internet pornography.

As people are absorbing this, one of the men challenges a patron about a Web site he is visiting and asks the man to step outside. [My note: keep in mind that nowhere is it stated that this particular man was actually viewing porn.] At this point, a librarian intervenes and calls the uniformed men aside. A police officer is summoned. The men leave. It turns out they are employees of the county's Department of Homeland Security and were operating way outside their authority.

[A]n agent of the government literally read over a man's shoulder, Big Brother like, and tried to prevent him from seeing what he had chosen to see.

Geoffrey Chaucer (who hath a blog) has decided to run an advice column and is now accepting supplicants: "Yow shal remayne anonymouse, like moste of the politicale poetrye in my period. Yow may signe yowr queries wyth an amusyng acronyme if it pleseth yow." 

Holocaust denier gets three years in jail, concedes he was wrong. "Wait! I--uh--HOLOGRAMS! I meant I didn't believe in holograms!"

dailydigestnews: A trailer for a movie I am rilly, rilly excited about.

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