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So... hungry... We ordered a pizza three hours ago and it's still not here. Mom has called them five times, and finally they were like, "You can come pick up a new pizza in forty five minutes," and Momzilla was like, "OH HELL NO! YOU HAVE DISPLEASED MOMZILLA! RAAAAAAAAAA!"

Dying... so hungry... too... weak... to fix own... food. No, seriously, I'm even home sick from class tonight. Fever, chills, hot flashes, general achiness. Durrrr. Did do a couple of critiques at writer_girls. Fortunately, have spaced out news updates so that I don't have to do one tonight, after the Superbowl update last night. Nothing much seems to have happened today so far--people were too busy freaking out about Janet and Justin. My official line on that whole debacle is, if the halftime show was going to offend people, they might as well have offended people with music that was made this century. Rhythm Nation? Come on.

Is that pizza I hear?
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