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MSNBC news alert email: Actor Don Knotts, TV's bumbling Deputy Barney Fife, has died at 81.

More on the Dubai ports brouhaha. John Scalzi, somewhat in the vein of what I was saying the other day, with Incompetence in Action: "It has to do with how Bush's people could be so tone-deaf as not to see how this particular deal could be (to use a singularly inappropriate cliche) a political landmine. Didn't anyone in the Executive Branch look up from the Kool-Aid long enough to say 'Hey, haven't we been telling people Arabs are, like, bad? Is it possible handing the ports over to an Arab company might not play well'?" I'm just saying, I'm not the only one it occurred to. And then, from the AP: Homeland Security Objected to Ports Deal.

FBI seeks source of poison at dorm.

Teacher Accused of Sex With Student: "Schweikert, who resigned from her job at E.B. Morse Elementary School on Friday, did not speak during the hearing, and did not have an attorney. The [eleven-year-old] boy's mother tried to tell the judge how shaken her son was, but was choked back by tears. The boy 'wanted his mother to tell the court he was scared,' prosecutor Jerry Peace said. 'He is terrified that the defendant will get out on bond.'"

ladykatiewench: "With your love of ice skating, and the current interest in all things at least slightly gay and cowboy, you will probably love this: Cowboys On Ice."

(Unrepentant Bode: 'Man, I Rocked Here.')

Psycho Path Voted Wackiest Street Name.

eruvadhril points out that Sci-Fi's Doctor Who page is already up.

Turns out the Sci-Fiction archive wasn't completely deep-sixed--they won't update it, but they'll keep the archives online, as I discovered when clicking Sci-Fi Wire's link to the newly Nebula-nominated short story, "There's a Hole in the City."

(Hugs for Em. She knows why.)

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