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The Morning After... the Morning After

You know, it's interesting--I think I did a good enough job liveblogging the SAGs and Golden Globes, and maybe that's because they're both shorter shows; maybe it's because they're not larded with as much Important Importantness, and a simple description of what's happening is enough. But the Oscars? I went back and read through a few of last year's entries (this was in search of the "I hope they missed" link), and I really think that recapping them the day after resulted in a better, clearer, more thoughtful take. (Also, I had access to acceptance speech transcripts and picture links.) So I'll probably do the same thing next year--liveblog the shorter shows that most people outside the U.S. have no way of seeing, and recap the Oscars the day after. Particularly since it was much more fun to kick back and eat ice cream and check off the ballot from the newspaper in a leisurely fashion.

(The recaps have video links as well, where available--which means that you will actually get to see the burning cars and the interpretive molestation and the Most Awesome Oscar Moment of My Entire Lifetime. What I realized fairly late in the game, however, was that I can actually screencap from videos at YouTube, so just for fun, I might put up a few Great Oscar Moments. You want to see Morgan Freeman's Penguin Godlight, don't you?)

Also from YouTube: Natalie Portman’s SNL digital short. Like "Lazy Sunday," it's a rap. Only... a little more violent this time.

And then a Viking shows up. What?

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