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Well, this is interesting:

A Call for Nominations - Live Journal's Most Wanted!

I am looking for the most interesting & intriguing journalers on the 'net for a special project that I am working on. The end-result will be a book that profiles at least 50-100 of them, along with some other interesting things that I won't detail just now. I am asking that you do two things for me:

1. Respond to this post with the name of the one person from your friends list that you nominate to be a part of this project and why you think they deserve to be a part of this project. Please be as detailed as possible. One sentence isn't going to be very convincing.

2. Post a link to this inquiry in your own journal, asking your friends to respond (to me) as well.

The more people I can get involved in this project, the better the outcome will be. Please understand that this is not a popularity contest, it is a nomination. A journaler won't get preferential treatment because they have 100 people recommend them. I encourage you to use your best judgement and be completely honest with yourself and with me. Who do you think has "it"?

For the time being and the purposes of this post, the journals must be Live Journals. There will be future posts for other journalling sites and programs so everyone who has a weblog has the potential to be considered.

Thanks for your time!


I think it says a lot about my personality that my immediate reaction was, "Oh, I hope someone nominates me!" And then I remembered that I've only been journalling since Halloween, and I don't even say very interesting things at that. And before you step in because it sounds like I'm fishing for compliments and say, "Oh no, you're very interesting!"--come on, top 100 interesting? Hardly. The best entry I ever wrote was probably one of my Easyjournal entries I carried over.

Well, there was the Cléagol sequence, I forgot about that.

My point is: there comes a time in every writer's life--probably several dozen times, quite honestly--when she wants to wave her arms and shout, "Look at MEEEEE!" The thing you have to ask yourself is, do I have anything worth looking at yet?

P.S. "I encourage you to use your best judgement and be completely honest with yourself and with me" in the Michael Nolan entry is totally code for "Don't nominate yourself, fool." Heh.
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