Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

New icons, from a request on JournalFen for a "heroine addict" icon with Arwen and/or Eowyn--I think it was loki who asked. Came up because you see the heroine/heroin misspelliing all the time on message boards, and I'd been thinking about something like that myself. I think it'd be fun to have a whole series--from all kinds of movies--so if you have any suggestions/requests (characters, pictures, fonts, etc.), let me know.

Rained so hard last night that it kept me awake--tornado passing through. Now the sky has that misty-cold look--apparently we're having snow flurries tonight, which means that everyone's plunged into an apocalyptic panic: "BUY THE BREAD AND THE MILK!" This is Alabama, after all.

Oh, and as a purely administrative point--if you're reading my journal without an LJ account, you might want to get one. You don't have to write in it if you don't want to; I'm just having to friends-lock certain entries--the more writing-oriented ones, for copyright considerations. Something about public entries being considered first-rights publication and friends-locked being considered private sharing. I know, it's lame, but there you go. Just friend me and I'll friend back and you can read. As someone hoping for a professional writing career, I'm pretty much keeping this journal as a public exercise, so I'm not going to go friends-only; I've just been told that there are some things that would benefit legally from being filtered. There it is.

Speaking of writing, writer_girls is starting to get off the ground with some critiquing now. I need to fill out the User Info with the whole statement-of-purpose thing. Basically, if you write, and you're interested in becoming a better writer and helping other people become better, feel free to join. So far we've posted writing exercises for the group to do, stories and poems to critique, questions for help ("I need a name!")--it's very loose and informal. But it's basically centered around support and constructive (not just honest, but also constructive) criticism. In fact, I don't really care about the current quality of your writing. If you want to improve and you can take concrit, come on over. But I also need people who are willing to give criticism, because so far I feel like I'm doing most of it.

A quick word about fanfic: I don't write fanfic. I don't read fanfic. But a large majority of LJers I come across do, and I'm pretty sure some of the current Writer Girls do. My point is, I don't have any experience with fanfic or very many fandoms and can't help you with OC-ness or Mary Sue-ness. Some of the others might be able to. I can proofread, though. If you'd like to share fanfic, go ahead; writing is writing.

So feel free to pass the Writer Girls info on to anyone you think might be interested. :)
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