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EEEEEEEE I WON SOMETHING IN THE BPAL RAFFLE. And I only bought two tickets, is the best part. Turns out I won one of Kythryne's Wearable Sculpture pendants (EEEEEEEE).

(I am a bad person who totally forgot to link to evilbearhunter's BPAL swap/sale last weekend like I promised. She has Tintagel and Sugar Skull! Siren is teh yum [no, really, I've been wearing it all week]! Forgive me!)

V for Vendetta Heroine Addict icons. Not too many, mostly alternate colors/compositions, but still. And there are already V/15M icons over at m15m. As always, take anything you want, credit nice but not a big deal, make your own, have a party.

Speaking of which, a return to linkspam, after a week sort of taken off to write V/15M and deal with that:

TeeVeePedia, a deeply awesome timesuck reference source. ("This article is a stub. A stub is a choice between two tasks, each with its own pros and cons. In Write, you help us by editing this article. In Waste, you just complain about what other people do.")

Geoffrey Chaucer hath a flame warre. And then Gowere strikes back. And then Chaucer pwnes Gowere.

Wikipedia lists April Fool's Day e-pranks (including Google Romance. Take the tour!), as well as news stories that looked fake, but weren't.

(Other AFD jokes: Mr. T to voice Reepicheep in Prince Caspian; Harry Potter fansite runners Melissa and Emerson marry, form The Leaky Mug.)

Tyson, the skateboarding bulldog. Pure awesomeness. 

Do Not Disturb Sign Gone from J.K. Rowling's Office. On her website, that is, which means that there may be new content to find.

'Rachel Corrie' play opens in London after NYC cancellation. Sidenote: I had no idea Alan Rickman was directing this.

You Can't Make It Up: The Saddest Movie In Cinematic History.

sweetdaddydavid: "Remember when I told you that MySpace was being used to limit internet freedoms? MySpace removes 200,000 profiles due to 'questionable content.' Don't say I didn't warn you."

Reaching out to "Vanished" Kid Star via MySpace.

Samurai Kittens: A Good Game for Bad People. David, I think you would love this. The one where your cat rips out another cat's heart and it bursts into demonic flame is kind of awesome.

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