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LJ is being a bitch about comments--they're coming to my email but not showing up onsite, which would be a refreshing reversal of the usual bug if it weren't SO DAMN ANNOYING.

Weird coincidence, given that I mentioned Old Yeller in V/15M: Sunday's Pearls Before Swine.

(Speaking of which, added a couple of icons to the V/15M folder and the Heroine Addict folder.)

sinnerforhire: "I was wondering if you would be so kind as to link a journal entry of mine in which I am looking for World of Warcraft players to answer a question for me.  I'm doing a paper on the language of WoW players and I wanted to get some players' opinions to balance out my research."

isolatr: An idea whose time has come.

I didn't comment on the horror of the Britney Spears Childbirthing Bearskin Rug statue last week, so... here it is. Please, dear Lord, no one bring me pictures from the "crowning of Sean Preston's head" angle.

I stole this from theferrett: "Go, Nornna."

It reminds me of a phrase I heard in one of my lit classes: "queering the norm." Which does have to do with "queer" sexuality, as reclaimed by the GLBT community, but also (as we discussed it) has to do with simply doing anything that isn't the status quo. This will frequently make people aligned with the status quo upset and angry. You can think of kids with their punk (or today, "punk") rock and edgy clothes irritating adults... but you can also think of the plain, quiet kid who gets teased because she isn't into fads like "punk" rock or overpriced low-rise jeans or obsessions with weight and body image or in-your-face, underage sexuality. (Which probably isn't a passing fad, sadly enough.) Nornna, at that link, is queering the norm. Sometimes rebellion is a form of conformity, and not rebelling pisses the other faux-rebels off. Queer the norm and walk your own line, kids.

ETA: Oh, I forgot to mention: lightning struck our air conditioning unit last night. A "big orange fireball," according to my mother, who saw it. Apparently our God is an angry God, or at least a very chilly one.

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