Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Mom's doing our now-weekly amateur steaming of the carpets, and the dogs are upstairs hiding with me. Also, Lucky is trying to dig through the hall carpet outside my door. I kind of dread breaking it to him that China's not under there.

(Question: If I were to write a bio of myself, like one of those quickie back-of-a-pamphlet kind of things, what would I say? I don't know if it's just writing a 5000-word parody in 30 hours that fried my brain, but I have seriously been of no use since Wednesday, and I can't think of a thing to say. What does one say, really? There are so many things I think I could tell them, but that they wouldn't want to know. "I'm glad that you enjoy collecting tarot decks, Cleo, but we really don't care.")

Courtesy many, many people: The 100 most popular LJ users. Apparently I am #38, and it's kind of blowing my mind. However, as theferrett and I discussed, we're both still less popular than two goats and an abandoned web comic. So... keep it in perspective.

(Wait, am I exactly one slot above Poppy Z. Brite? That ain't something you see every day. My mind, she is blown all over again.)

Wank breaks out over the TBS (basic cable station) LOTR ads. Link to "Secret Lovers" clip included--it's worth it for the Gandalf reaction shot, I promise.

Prince to Perform on 'American Idol'? Sweet Lord. If, through some act of rebellion and/or breach of security he broke out "Gett Off" or "P Control," I would die and be bodily assumed into heaven at that point.

My Little Pony, the RPG. Sadly, I would actually buy this if it were real.

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