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Okay, so... it's been a while. I'm not sure why I haven't updated in a few days; I feel like I've been busy, but I'm not sure doing what. Well, the job application. And writing a lot. And my grandmother came over for what's turning into a weekly trigenerational movie-lunch thing. This week was Pride and Prejudice, which she loved, and--quite frankly--seemed to catch on to quicker than my mother on her first viewing, either though neither of them have ever read the book. I'm just saying, my mother was all "OMG TALKY SO FAST WHAT ARE THEY SAYING" and ended up turning on the subtitles, and my grandmother was like, "Pshhh, subtitles are for [word my grandmother would never actually say]." I think we're doing Pirates of the Caribbean next week, since my grandmother now loves Keira Knightley and I know she likes the old Errol Flynn and/or pirate movies, although we will definitely be telling her that Captain Jack's problem is sunstroke + booze, rather than any kind of implied but hi-larious sexual ambiguity.

You know what? If we're still doing this the week after that--my mother may be in a new job by then--I may suggest that we watch The Princess Bride.

Went to the dentist this morning, had my bi-annual torture session. Got a prescription for special fluoride toothpaste. I actually have very good teeth; they're just... unhappy right now. To the tune of about five micro-cavities. I will say, though, I got the best hygienist ever, because once I said that I wanted a really good teeth-cleaning so I could "just start fresh," and by God, the woman turned around and got the grit-polisher out and cleaned my teeth a second time. And that's the part I hate, because I hate the drilling/vibrating sensation, but I tell you what, my teeth haven't looked that white in years. She started trying to convince me to bleach them before I have the (VERY SMALL) cavities filled in May, and I was like, "Dude, why would I bother with that? I can actually see sunlight refracting off my teeth onto your forehead." So it was unpleasant, but awesome.

Meanwhile, Sister Girl is having her wisdom teeth out tomorrow. I feel bad for her, because she always gets the short end of the stick: I get good grades, she gets reading difficulties. I get great teeth, she gets braces. I get a short and easy tooth extraction that has me back at the computer by three that afternoon; she's having hers cut out because they're growing in sideways. On Easter weekend. On the upside, she's still baking bread, and brought home four gorgeous baguettes last night and two beautiful round sourdoughs the night before. (What? I like bread.) (Valkyrie, hurry! Move back to town while my sister's still in bread class!) Also, she has a sourdough--culture? I don't know the terminology here. But it's a sourdough that lives in a plastic container and gets fed every day, and its name is Sebastian. Look, I just report these things.

A little bit of linkspam:

You know how the image of Mohammed wasn't shown on South Park the other night? Well, that wasn't a joke. 

Dooce (does she actually go by "Dooce"?) seems to be having some feedback trouble as well: "Because the bad email makes up such a small part of the feedback to this website, though, I feel like it’s part of my job to get over it already. Even though I can’t help flinching once I click 'publish' I have to realize that a lot of what people send me is only a projection of themselves, a projection of what they want to see in themselves or their own value system and it really has nothing to do with me personally. It also helps to think of it in terms of someone having a really bad day, that their bad email is just a window into the hard time they are having. It also doesn’t hurt if I just assume that some people are mad crazy psycho." Reading this made me feel better. However, "Email addresses have been removed because otherwise that would be mean, and although you can accuse me of being a bitch I am not a mean bitch. I am the Good Bitch of the North!" did not make me feel better, because I sat there for a solid five minutes, seething with writerly jealousy because I hadn't thought of that first. But it was the good kind of seething.

Also, I thought I had it bad? Among the angry emails, there's one from a woman who writes, "I can’t stand you. your writing is shit. i’ve deleted you from my bookmarks. i’m starting an 'I Hate Dooce' club. I’ll send you the link." Oh God, poor you, forced to visit this woman's blog every single day and compelled at gunpoint to read her entries. OH, WAIT.

And then someone pointed me to Fashion SWAT at Something Awful. I have a love-hate relationship with SA, because on one hand... well, things get out of hand on the forums over there sometimes. Like trolling the last entry on Rachelle Waterman's journal. On the other hand, "If that guy on the right isn't a villainous mastermind then the fabric of our reality is a lie." I spent the afternoon laughing myself sick, I swear. Also: the most terrifying prank ever suggested. And: "Mistress! Fill thee not up on mashed potatoes, for the children of the night beckon you also to the ribs, which are a much more fiendish buffet value!"

Changing the subject: Amish jokes break out in the comments of my last entry.

Harry Potter and the Eagle of Truthiness.

Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, who is pretty much my favorite artist, has updated again. Someday, I'm going to finagle a print of Charmed Sphere. And Lothlorien. And Blue Rose. And...

bacardibreezer7: Lions to protect Brangelina's baby. 

prncssaurora: "I was wondering if you'd check out I just released an album, and am trying to publicize it as much as possible. So if you get a chance to listen to the song clips and you're interested, I would love a little pimpage in Cleo-land. Thanks a lot!" I actually haven't gotten to download anything yet, but hey, my teeth are really white and I'm in a good mood.

blu_22: "There's some folks over here trying to get the viewership for Veronica Mars up so as to ensure it gets renewed next season on the new CW network. The more people watching this season, the better the chances of it getting renewed. There are about 6 new episodes left for this season and starting this week (April 11th) the show moves to Tuesdays at 9/8c on UPN." Yeah, ideally this would have been posted two or three days ago. Have you heard that my teeth are really white? Also, we have a lot of bread.

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