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A few quick things

theredpanther </a>on a benefit in New Orleans for the girl who was assaulted: "There's a benefit to raise money for Heather's medical bills: This next Thursday night, April 27th, at the Whirling Dervish, 1135 Decatur St in the French Quarter. Local stores have donated goods for raffles, etc. There will also be a paypal account set up for her, which will be accessible there so people may make direct donations."

I'm also looking for a good national domestic abuse charity and/or women's shelter those who are interested can support, if anyone knows one. I know of a local one, and I'll post that as well. I'm just trying to make sure I don't direct people towards the shelter equivalent of the Red Cross: big name, big overhead, big mismanagement.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden: "Want to strike a blow against scam agents? Link to the 20 Worst Agents list. While you're at it, link to Writer Beware and Preditors and Editors. You could even link to Everything you wanted to know about literary agents and On the getting of agents. But the 20 Worst Agents list—that's the important one."

Mmm, copypaste. In Semagic, you can just C&P those bad boys right in there, html formatting and all.

sunshine95, regarding the Star Wars fanfic on Amazon: "BAHLEETED!: 'Thank you for your interest in Another Hope. The book has been removed from the Books in Print database and will be removed from book distribution channels effective Tuesday, April 24, 2006.'" Yeah, I thought she'd crack by the end of the day--I figured, if Darth Junction didn't get her, his apprentice Darth Ternet would. Less powerful, yeah, but the dude has no mercy.

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