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Update: Hello, I am a superlative asshat. (ETA: The entry is gone now. Go here.) What I love is his vague insistence that he's proved we're "fktrds"... somehow. (Hmm... has Teresa Nielsen Hayden already disemvoweled him?) Also, I don't see any proof that he's back in New Orleans--he didn't include a landmark in that handy "YOU SUCK" picture. Personally, after a three-hour police chase, I would have kept going rather than turned around and gone back, but that's just me. Also, dumbass, the way you prove a picture was taken on a certain date is not to just write any frickin' date you want, but to include a newspaper of that date in the picture. But then I suppose the Birmingham News (or the Times-Picayune, though I doubt it) would have confirmed his location, wouldn't it?

As for the rest of it, I suppose it's always possible that his side of the story might exonerate him, but somehow, I have a feeling that if it did, he'd tell it, and provide some of this ample evidence from his PHOTO TAKING and his PRINT SCREEN BUTTON and his GMAIL, just to shut people up, rather than crow vaguely that he's bested us... somehow. So, basically, carry on, except that now he's proven himself to be utterly remorseless as well. I'm sure some lucky prosecutor will be thrilled to hear about that.

Also, I'm not sure that someone with six Livejournal names and three MySpaces, IIRC, has any room to rag anyone about being "an internet loser."

(Has he darkened his hair? It's hard to tell in the picture. And what the picture of Heather/niamhstar down there is supposed to signify, I don't know. In case you're wondering, by the way, comments were disabled on that top entry because people started trolling her journal. In fact, I have heard that there was an entire community dedicated to cheering this guy on ["Whoever finds him, give him a medal"], and Livejournal ended up suspending it. Bearing this in mind, go back and read what I said the other day again. Now you know why I want to find a good national charity or women's shelter.)

(Man, I wonder how much it would cost to get Darth Junction on the case.)

Speaking of abusers: ack, Charlie Sheen.

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