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Rather than spam your friendslist with a one-sentence entry, let's just set this aside for Lost discussion as well, okay?

ETA: I'll post it again, but here's the new Hanso-related website. (Sponsor: Jeep.) I can't get it to load yet, so I'm going to let the traffic cool down a bit before I go back.

I've got some linkspam I need to post, but once again, I've gotten behind on LJ stuff because I've been writing (zomg). I kind of talked my mother into seeing Mission: Impossible, since I needed to see it again to catch some things I wasn't clear on the first time (like the spelling of Keri Russell's character's name, which I found spelled four different ways on various websites and press materials. In the movie, you actually see it spelled Lindsey Farris, so I at least got that locked down), and I know her. I knew she would love it. What was really funny was that she did, but we're walking out of the theater and she says, "Darn it, that was a really good movie! I didn't want him to have a good movie!" Hee.

Also, she spent the whole "fulcrum in Shanghai" part clutching me and whispering, "Oh my God! Shit! Shit!" It's sad that Alias is going off the air, because I realize now that she would have loved that show. (She is absolutely addicted to Prison Break and the Jack Bauer Power Hour [™ spidey_88].) I'll have to get her into syndication reruns or something.

(It's a PENDULUM, Luther.)

Also, they showed the new POTC2 trailer again, and my mother was very happy.

[The team attempts to extract intelligence from Davian on the Impossible Plane.]

ETHAN: You’re dead. You’re on a plane that’s about to crash onto a mostly deserted island, which is actually purgatory, or maybe a psychiatric experiment, or possibly some autistic kid's snowglobe. You will be surrounded by improbably attractive people who will get killed off during various sweeps periods. Occasionally, my cousin will terrorize you. Also, there will be polar bears.
While we're talking about it, my plan is to keep MI3 for the potential book, but anything that's not franchise/series that I get to do, I'll put online. Specifically, The Da Vinci Code, which my mother really wants to see. Except that it's getting terrible reviews in Cannes from the American critics over there, where it's getting panned not as "cheesy" or "convoluted" or "ridiculous," but... dull. "Stodgy and grim," as one guy said. So... basically, I'll be taking that bullet for you.

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