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Happy Grandma Movie Day! We have located a copy of Emma, conveniently living at my favorite aunt's house, and so here's hoping Grandma likes this one. She absolutely adored Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility, so I have high hopes.

Current New Order song obsession: "Guilt Is a Useless Emotion." Which is odd, as that phrase never occurs anywhere in the song. The actual chorus is, in part:
Real love can't be bought
It is wild and it can't be caught
Real love can't be sold
It's another color than gold

(I need your love) I just wanna buy it...
Which cracks me up. As does the later line, "You sure know a lot for a girl."

Linkspam. Apparently the new version of Semagic hinks up my links a lot, so I'm composing in HTML view rather than WYSIWYG. I'm just saying, though--if the links go wicky again, let me know and I'll fix them as fast as I can.

Lost links: Is Lost a repeat? And the new Hanso password site. Sponsor: Jeep. Be careful--apparently you're supposed to go digging through the folders (the Hanso one will take you back to the Hanso Foundation site), but my computer flipped the hell out and opened 92 Internet Explorer windows before I was able to reboot it. Literally, they were numbered (as they tend to be--this happens on my computer sometimes; I don't think it's Hanso-related), and they got as far as 92 before I could get a keystroke in edgewise.

Heroic Computer Dies to Save World from Master's Thesis.

More completely awesome jewelry. And, once again, they both 1) have a LJ and 2) are BPAL fans. They have both Tudor portrait replica jewelry and a belt brooch they've apparently supplied to the Anne Hathaway/Jane Austen biopic, Becoming Jane. I crave the Paradiso Rosa pendant.

v4v_awards: A new V for Vendetta icon awards community that was kind enough to nominate a couple of my m15m icons. Do please go over there and nominate some others, as they deserve better than my sad Photoshop skillz, which are limited to "cropping" and "text."

Another icon community: wd_awards (Walt Disney Awards). It does seem to include Narnia and POTC, as well as all the Disney cartoons and old-school live action movies, and the mod, squishysquidgy, is good people. Hit the FAQ if you'd like to know more.

More Marie Antoinette pictures. I am now dead from pretty dress.

Zoo bear eats monkey before horrified visitors. Warning: fairly upsetting picture. No gore--but it's the "pulled the monkey, shrieking and resisting, from the fence" portion of the meal, which may make it more disturbing.

sound_of_bells: "I'm an advanced history student and we're doing independent research projects. I chose to do mine on the effects of 9/11 on America using primarily sort of miniature memoirs from ordinary people about what their experiences were on the day and what its lasting impact has been on them. All the specific information is here." I actually think this sounds like a really cool project, so give it a shot if you feel interested.

Speaking of which: the trailer for Oliver Stone's World Trade Center. I have a bad feeling about this. 

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