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My God, I am groggy and tired. My doctor's adjusting my medication--she's upped it a teensy bit--so I'm going through two or three weeks of mild side effects. Feeling flushed, kind of caffeinated, kind of feverish--it happens whenever I miss my medication, or reduce it, or up it, or basically deviate from the normal schedule in any way. Except if I miss it or reduce it, it's less "caffeinated" and more "hungover." (Small doses of Zoloft and Wellbutrin, if you're wondering. It's the Zoloft that we're adjusting. Like, from 150 to 200--milligrams, I guess? Nothing huge.) Anyway, I'm largely feeling more focused over the last week or so that I've been taking more, so that's good and all... except that I'm having a hard time falling asleep. Well, "caffeinated," or feeling a facsimile thereof, and all that. So we were going to go out to breakfast early this morning and then have Happy Grandma Movie Day, so I thought I'd take some Tylenol PM last night. Yeah. No. Bad idea. I was already sore from helping cart those giant shelves upstairs--it wasn't the actual carting so much as the "OH GOD CATCH IT THERE IT GOES IT'S FALLING OW THAT WAS MY KNEE" parts, and now I'm so groggy I keep having to stop in the middle of a sentence and start over because it's not coming out right. Or, as I would be saying, "I having to keep starting the sentence because it's not righting out." Hell, I should have just had a toss of vodka and gone to bed on that.

(I tried to catch a couple more hours of sleep after breakfast, but--roofers, you guessed it. Headphones only helped a little.)

(An Ideal Husband went over pretty well, however. My grandmother really liked it; I was more B+ about it. It's one of those movies where half the plot would be over if, let's say, Rupert Everett would just say, "Look, Robert, I thought that was Gertrude in the parlor, and I was trying to get you two back together, okay? I didn't know the Wicked Witch of Mayfair was in there, all right? Oh, and give it up, Mabel, I'm Rupert Everett.")

K-Fed cleans up. I am less, rather than more, unnerved. I keep trying to figure out who he looks like, and all I'm coming up with is some evil DNA recombination of Patrick Wilson and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers. Like, in a bad way.

Speaking of which, more on The Tudors, plus set pictures of JRM VIII riding. And yes, he still totally looks like JRM.

Since this is one of my most favoritest songs ever, I thought I'd share the links I came across today: three versions of "I Drove All Night" on YouTube, to which I have added audio downloads from my own collection:

Cyndi Lauper: YouTube video; YouSendIt mp3.
Wow, this a bad video. This is my favorite version of the song, with the Orbison version a close second, but wow, is it tacky.

Roy Orbison: YouTube video; YouSendIt mp3.
Notable for featuring very little Orbison, except on a TV screen in the background--I think he had passed away by this point--and, instead, Jason Priestley and Jennifer Connelly circa 1993 or so. Priestley in particular looks so young, and unexpectedly vulnerable and anxious, which is what strikes me most about the whole thing. Definitely the best video of the three.

Celine Dion: YouTube video; YouSendIt mp3.
Look, I'm not proud. It's just such a great song that it emerges relatively unscathed. Yes, it was used for a car commercial, and was probably recorded for that purpose. Again: not proud of this.

I think all the links are correct, but if Semagic is being crabby today, let me know and I'll try to straighten them out.

You know, I had always wondered whether Orbison or Lauper recorded it first, because I remember her version coming out before his--certainly the video is redolent of late '80s cheese, while the Priestley-Connelly video is very early '90s Herb Ritts-ish--but it totally sounds like Orbison's musical style all the way. Turns out? It was written for him (1987), but he died (1988) before it could be officially mixed and recorded, so the song was given to Lauper (1989); a posthumous collection of Orbison masters and demos, including a remixed take of "I Drove All Night," was released in 1992, and if I recall correctly, I first saw the video in rotation on MTV in early 1993. And that solves a mystery that has bothered me for wayyyy too long. Thanks, Wikipedia!

All right. So. I'm going to load up my Zen and get back to organizing my shelves. Ow.

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