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Urg. My parents had to drive to Atlanta and stay overnight, so I had the care of the dogs for about 24 hours. Which wouldn't be all that big deal if Meko didn't have to have insulin shots at 6 pm and 6 am. Oh, and "You'll need to sleep in our bed, because the poms sleep on a blanket at the foot of it. They won't understand why we're not here." Now, they seem to have managed all right when my parents left town previously, but I realized that they hadn't gone anywhere overnight since Meko had gone (mostly) blind, so I decided to go with it for her sake. Of course, this now meant that Lucky didn't understand why I wasn't in my room for him to sleep at the foot of my bed, and the cat decided to jump on Sam's head whenever he wasn't looking, so it was kind of a juggle.

Not to mention that my bed has a lot of give, but it's--taut, you know? Like a trampoline, I guess. Whereas my parents' (which is so high that they bought old-school steps to go on either side) is extremely firm... except for about the top twelve inches, which are like quicksand. So I'm flailing around with a book in one hand and a Pomeranian of Unusual Size in the other (Sam's gotten a bit chunky in the pants fur lately) with a yowling cat gnawing on his tail and Lucky on the floor barking at all of us and poor Meko's like, "Some days I don't want to see what's going on."

I did not sleep much.

But I was a total mack when it came to the second shot. The first one, Meko got mad because my parents weren't there and kept trying to nip at me (except that... well, she couldn't see where I was), so I had to enlist Sister Girl to hold her down, except that she held Meko down in a way that I couldn't get a good handful of neck-scruff, and there was yelping and ineptitude. I apologized to Meko for a full half hour afterwards. This morning, though, she was washing her face like a cat, and I just strolled up, grabbed a handful and pow! She didn't even look up. Awww ye-ah. Thass right.

And then I had a glass of milk for breakfast because I was too tired to eat, and I went and slept until one pm in my own bed. So what I'm telling you is that I haven't been very productive today.

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