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So I'm kind of in the crunch hours of room-cleaning, because we have a specific goal: get everything off the floor and steam the carpet before Mom has to start her new job on Monday. (Remember that Lucky sleeps in my room, and that I have a cream-colored carpet, and that Lucky is a black and white English cocker, and you may start to see the problem. That, and I tend to spill a lot of iced tea.) So basically, we need to do the carpet tomorrow, so I'm trying to focus my energy long enough to sweep everything into closets and corners and under the bed. Also, I need boppy room-cleaning music, but the problem is that--it's like wandering into the kitchen and whining, "I'm hungryyyyyy," because people can suggest anything to eat that they want but if it doesn't grab your fancy, it doesn't do any good. Trust me, if anyone in the world has boppy music, it's me, but none of it is doing anything for me at the moment. Except Pulp's "Common People," which is cracking me up. I'm just not sure whether a song with "roaches climb[ing] up the wall" is way out of place or horribly apropos for room-cleaning.

Speaking of cleaning, Jack the Pool Guy came and pumped out the pool and ripped out the old leaky liner and Cook's Pest Control came and doused it in water-based carpenter ant poison (hungry ants: the reason we keep losing pool liners), and then Jack came back and caulked the naked pool back over and put the new liner in and I assume that they're filling it with water now. YAY POOL. This does, however, mean that Sawyer the tree pool frog is no longer with us. I don't really know where he went, except that my mother was standing on the patio watching Jack empty the pool (apparently Pthoolhu had gotten word and evacuated the night before, which kind of explains the slimy slurping sounds I heard in the backyard last night), and Jack goes, "Here you go," and THROWS SAWYER THE POOL FROG AT HER. A little grey-green pool frog about the size of a ping-pong ball, STUCK TO HER ARM.


So I don't really know where Sawyer is now.

A little bit of linkspam, since I'm backlogged and should be cleaning (no Omen for me; maybe tomorrow):

See! I'm not the only person who randomly gets book deals and/or representation from having a blog!

ohnotheydidnt hits the big time.

The Coultergeist in all her in[s]anity.

heidi8: "Linkspam favor - we had a bit of a scare re [small children and] Magnetix toys today - would you post about the issue?" See her entry ("The toy industry is setting up a special committee to investigate whether there should be a voluntary safety standard for magnetic toys. The move follows a major recall of a popular magnetic toy building set, Magnetix, after a 21-month-old boy died from swallowing magnets that had broken free from the building set his older brother had gotten as a birthday present") for more.

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