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So, we finished. Well, we finished Stage One, which is Get Everything Off the Floor and Steam the Carpet, something we have not achieved in many, many moons. And that in itself is a pitiful giant achievement, and one for which my mother repeatedly stopped by to thank me for. Seriously, I felt like I'd just given birth to Edward VI. Granted, she's only been trying to get me to do this for about four years, but, as I kept telling her, it was futile without anything to put stuff on. Voilà, the new shelves, etc. Of course, once I had the shelves, I kind of had to live up to my word to prove I wasn't just a completely lazy cuss who could have somehow managed without vital shelving, so by Saturday, after about a week solid of herding dustbunnies, I just threw up my hands and said, "I have no more clean." Of course, I still had a bit more to go before we could get to the carpet, so on Sunday I dragged my aching carcass out of bed and did that. And between me cleaning and my mother steaming all the other carpets in the house and running various errands (on her last day of freedom, no less), we were both ready to be put down and taken to the glue factory.

And then we had watermelon.

And ached.

I slept really hard and had bad dreams all night long.

So now, Stage Two is to go through everything I ended up piling (neatly!) in the closet and in the corners. I swear to you that the only reason we even got this far is that I knew she wanted to do the carpet before she went back to work (today: it's mostly policy orientation so far, and she hasn't even seen her office yet, but she seems to like it), so I basically decreed that if it wasn't on the floor, it could damn well stay wherever it was. Don't like the crap piled on top of the cabinet? Tough, it ain't on the floor. Dresser's messy? Ain't gonna get in the way of the steamer, so shut it. Which was perfectly expedient for me, but my mother (so full of glee that I was actually cleaning for a sustained length of time, and eager to micromanage) kept coming in and pointing out things I could do next. So I kept repeating the Carpet Mantra over and over and over: It's Not in the Way, So It's Not Getting Done Now. Which she couldn't really argue with.

Well... Stage Two is about getting all of that done. Sigh. But I'm not on a deadline with that, so I can take a bit more time doing it and actually fit in, you know, actual work in between cleaning spasms.

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