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Still depressed; feeling very low. Slept later into the day than I meant to. Can't stop having bad, uneasy dreams. Not much energy; hope it's a hormonal ebb. I'm deeply behind on not one but three movie parodies for a book, because of all the forced-at-gunpoint cleaning, and I'm not sure I can catch up now. I'm either going to crawl back into bed, or curl up with a pile of old magazines and flip through them for anything I might want to keep, which would at least be vaguely productive.

To make sure this entry isn't a complete downer, here's something I meant to link to the other day from Bad Penny (aka "Home of Charlotte Lennox," whose Afterword is now up):

Slackerbitch: "The ever lovely puipui said here: Don't worry, Charlotte. If you do end up having to pony up $1000 to MsScribe's charity of choice tomorrow, I'm sure we'd all be happy to organize a whip-around to raise the money for you. XD

"I read that, and laughed, and thought, hell, if that bit ends up being true, I'd kick in $10 towards that $1K myself.

"If you're thinking the same thing - that if it were true, you'd contribute $10 [or $1 or $5 or whatever] - and it ends up being not true, which is far more likely as far as I'm concerned ... maybe think about popping that $10 over to instead?"

Which I thought was a wonderful gesture. And Charlotte herself will not, by the way, need that money now.

More later.

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