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Randomness on a Sunday afternoon:

Read an old Vanity Fair (November 2005, I think? Kate Moss on the cover) and mused. I think one of the biggest problems I have, in terms of failing at various goals and spiraling into fear and doubt, is that I am terrified of authority figures. I'm always afraid that people I have to answer to will be disappointed in me. I'm starting to realize that this is what's behind a lot of my failure to move forward--there are some business things I need to take care of, but because the people I would have to contact are older and higher up on the food chain than me, I'm terrified that they're going to be like, "Gah, is that all you have? You waited this long? And you're no further than that? Why do we bother with you, anyway?"

Still confused about the msscribe thing? The Woman Who Sued Herself.

Who is LJ for? And who is the new Vox service for? Six Apart's ljkrissy (who was very supportive of the M15M book, I have to add, and is good people in general) tackles the question. Since it's been of some controversy recently (see her entry), here's something you can do:

Though a few different sources confirm that the largest group of LJ users falls into the ages of around 18-24, a lot of LJ users feel that description just doesn't describe LJ's diverse community. We want you to know that we've heard your concerns, and now we're challenging you to help us make our statistics more accurate. The way you can do this is by following this meme that you might have already seen:

Go to the profile page and specify your full date of birth, including your year of birth. If you don't want everyone to see how old you are, make sure the box that says "show your birthday to other users" is unchecked. The important thing is to get yourself into the database. Then tell your friends about it, and ask them to do it too.
And what this will do is dispell the idea that Livejournal is predominantly Generation Y, the "MySpace generation," so if you want to be represented, plug in your birthdate info. And don't forget to uncheck that "show to other users" option if you want privacy.

As for the LJ/Vox thing, I'll tell you that my first instinct was NO NO LIVEJOURNAL MINE, so I'm not going to be leaving any time soon, despite being a shade over their 18-24 demographic here at 27. Depending on how things shake out, I might try to syndicate (or if that option isn't available, duplicate this journal) over at Vox for people who do decide to go there. I'm one of those people who has to try every new thing out once, but there will be no difference in content between LJ and Vox as far as my journal is concerned. Because, damn, even if I wanted to, I don't have the time or energy to keep two completely different sets of journals. (My Greatest Journal is something I use to communicate with a specific group of people; there are no public entries over there.) Also, from what I've seen about the Vox service, Vox is more about "privacy control," which I thought LJ was already pretty good at, but my journal was, from its very inception lo these... few... years ago, intended to be a writer's public form of expression. That's why I got myself a pretty blank-book diary, y'all. If I don't want y'all to see it, I don't post it here. I'm more interested in the way LJ fosters and facilitates community--the way we link to each other, the way memes jump from journal to journal. I'm fairly sure I wouldn't have a book in print right now if it weren't for the Livejournal spirit of community. So I consider Livejournal to be both the medium of and the vehicle for any success I currently have. Vox sounds like it might suit the different needs of other groups; I'm just not sure it offers anything I don't already have here.

Renee Zellweger as Beatrix Potter. Once again, a movie Cate Blanchett was considered for and did not end up doing (see also: Closer, The Merchant of Venice, The Fountain).

Sony is lining up Natalie Portman and Eric Bana to topline "The Other Boleyn Girl," based on Philippa Gregory's historical novel.

Pirates of the Caribbean ride revamped... with animatronic Johnny? "But Rodgers said that she is very confident that no one will walk away disappointed. And, she added, in response to the observation that more things in this world should be designed to look like Johnny Depp, 'You're not going to find anyone who's going to disagree with you.'"

Speaking of which, I was just lame enough to transcribe the dialogue clips at the official site and... some of them are kind of interesting. My favorite, however, and a strong contender for a new tagline for this journal, is "My boogie snickle snickle! Toute suite, come on!"

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