Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

Dude, have I not updated all week?

I think the problem is that I don't have much to report. I'm sort of bobbing along, cleaning and writing and reading and laundering and listening to the Pirates of the Caribbean commentaries, which I had never gotten around to before. I should go see Superman, and in fact I'm supposed to, but... eh. It's summer, it's mellow, whatever.

I did, however, write 2600 words today, and that was exciting. I've been kind of wrestling with some plot logistics--who knows what when, and how they find it out, and is the "how" feasible, and are their reactions appropriate--so it feels good to get through some of that.

Slightly stale linkspam:

Table of Condiments That Periodically Go Bad (hee, Pb and Jñ).

Scottish actor goes from "Phantom" to vampires. Or from vampires to vampire hunting, for those of you more familiar with his filmography.

Rowling says 2 more characters than she intended die in final Potter book; one gets a reprieve. Again, this would have been more earthshaking five days ago.

katesti: "I probably should have mentioned this before today, but when you get a chance, can you remind people that today (6/27) is National HIV Testing Day? I've got a post in my LJ about it here." Oops...? Get tested anyway, y'all.

hahafandom: A community for fannish humor. I probably won't (or can't) read anything linked there, as a matter of legal self-protection, but that doesn't mean y'all shouldn't enjoy it. Besides, they recommended me in the first entry. ; )

Aaaand the dungeon meme generated from interests and friends lists.

I escaped from the Dungeon of Cleolinda!

I killed Erasorhed the giant spider, Thunderphoenix the kobold, Supersyncspaz7 the floating eye, Luleh the leprechaun, Sheilazc the leprechaun, Puliqueen the orc, Sunshine611 the minotaur, Eala Dubh the troll, Scott Lynch the troll, Manoosha the zombie, Kyuuketsukirui the zombie, Dakiwiboid the arch-demon, Rachnye the nymph, Lamamacita1981 the giant spider, Lil1pinay the troll, Lyrainverse the rat, Mardybum the goblin, Sennical the dragon, Anni The Diva the zombie, Arden Ranger the rat, Pride4u2 the troll, Robling T the nymph, The Grim Wombat the orc, Artemis Child the floating eye, Marinwood the arch-demon, Weaponsbard the rat, Virtualinsomnia the troll, Jesdmill the floating eye, Breakofdawn the leprechaun, Tsuki No Yami the leprechaun, Lacrimaeveneris the floating eye, Slitxwrists the orc, Kotszok the zombie, Zydee the owlbear, Teenageluminary the goblin, Scoots Honor the kobold, Ji Xiang the kobold, Marcusisabadass the rat and Arayuldaiel the rat.

I looted the Armour of Anne Jumps, the Wand of Spanish, the Armour of Veronica Mars, the Sceptre of Zoethe, the Crown of Tiye, the Crown of Reannon, the Shield of Carolz, a Figurine of Shimmeryelf, the Sword of Kelbebop, the Axe of Illustrators, the Crown of Belladonna , the Sceptre of Movie Reviews, the Axe of Novels, the Wand of Jettcat, the Sword of Invisible Girl, the Wand of Celli, a Figurine of Palmetto, a Figurine of Gaiamyles, the Wand of Cate Blanchett, the Axe of Bigfatgreek, the Axe of Dave B93, a Figurine of Kiena Tesedale, the Amulet of Heather Drain, a Figurine of Blog Project, the Crown of Theonneo, a Figurine of Aspiringdaxzy, the Amulet of Icons, the Dagger of Samantha Jey, the Crown of Alopekis, the Sword of Jem, the Armour of Elenbarathi, the Crown of Torificus, the Crown of Laurelin Kit, the Sword of Words, a Figurine of Screaming Mimie, the Shield of X-men, the Sword of Atheist Goat, the Wand of Novels, the Amulet of Evilphoenix, the Shield of Jinkeez, the Axe of Gniko, a Figurine of Mrinsane, the Amulet of Shoiryu, the Axe of 80s Music, the Crown of Br0k3nsoul, the Shield of Ginmar, the Axe of Suitcasegnome, the Armour of Lilychick, the Dagger of Janegraddell, the Shield of Lost and 848 gold pieces.

Score: 1998

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