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Kittens definitely eating my toes

Marvelously unproductive day. Have been watching Carnivàle marathon (motto: “Hòoked On Phonìcs Wòrked For Mè!”) since early afternoon; all caught up now. Nick Stahl definitely growing on me.

Did talk to Vladimir. As predicted, he was quite upset with me about the NaNo, and of course he's right, I am stretching myself too thin. But I can't help it... (oh, shit. I just remembered that I have a presentation to turn in... a week from Tuesday? On Philip Larkin. I think. Hell. And I forgot to email Dr. Quinlan to get the article to read for tomorrow night's class. Piss.) Anyway. I can't help it--I couldn't stand the thought of having to wait for next year's NaNoWriMo, and I actually feel really good about what I've written for it so far. (Wrote a little more today, in fact, but I write out of order, so I can't post it on FP yet--not until I get to a part where it will make sense.) And it is BR-related, and maybe it'll help me focus...? I don't know. Vladimir liked it in the end, I think, but he made me promise not to take on anything new until spring ("Well, spring comes early down here, so... sure!").

And I sit here and think, You can do this. You don't make very good use of the time you have. So you have the time. You just have to take it and use it. I dare you. And then I remember that I've got to update the Digest, too, and get in touch with Neo Commentary because I've finally thought of something to write for them, but when Hotmail erased my inbox I lost the editor URL, and I feel a shutdown coming on. I don't know why I let stress shut me down so easily.

(Oh, and I have to talk to the English head about the classes I need to register for next Monday. Did I mention I have a weird shy streak? Gah.)

I need more tea.
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