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No, we are never going to stop talking about this movie

A few things you may (or may not) have noticed, including the after-credit scenes. Trailer caps are from cap_it; larger pictures are mostly from OutNow:

>> Two screencaps from the scene after the credits in the first movie, if you didn't see that. It will explain some logistics in the second. Note: the caps are in reverse order on this entry--effect and cause, not cause and effect.

>> Lo-res video of the scene after the credits in the second movie.

>> Check out the chicken foot hanging from Tia Dalma's neck. Yeah, I'm pretty sure she does the voodoo.

>> Is this Barbossa's hat? Although, I think the very top of his was sliced off near the end of the first movie (shut up, I was watching commentaries last week!). But Jack spends a good amount of time examining it (I have three frames from the trailer alone).

>> The puzzle of Jack's stolen future plot point ring: people noticed that Jack steals a ring at some point in the Tia Dalma scene. (I missed this; I thought he stole the heart necklace.) Therefore, he is not wearing it before that scene, and he must be wearing it after that scene. But which ring is it?

Okay, you tell me: which ring did he take from Tia Dalma?

ETA: We seem to have a consensus: it's the plain gold ring with the dark stone in the middle. The stone itself seems to be a vivid purple (see the Las Cruces pictures). That said, I seriously want the big green twisty ring on his thumb.

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