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Note: if you're not caught up with stuff over here, you might want to go read the last few entries under this tag, because we've already discussed several theories. Yes, about Tia Dalma and the necklace and Davy Jones. Yes, about Barbossa and the boots and the hat. Don't even get started on Jack's ring(s).

Okay, the ring: I'm just OCD enough that if you get me started on something, I don't want to quit until I've exhausted the topic. With the caveat that this could all mean nothing, it was brought to my attention that the ring Jack takes might have been Barbossa's. Since I have a large collection of stills from several dozen movies (many of which do not involve pirates at all), I went back to the first movie. I'm pretty sure the gold ring with the dark purple stone isn't Barbossa's, because he does wear a ring, and only one ring, and it's got a bit of gold on top of the actual stone (I forget the technical term for this). Jack, however? I think Jack is already wearing the silver ring with the green stone in the first movie. It's in tons of pictures, now that I go back looking for it. Which at least explains why they might sell replicas of it, if it's been worn in both movies. And yes, I probably should work for the FBI, except that the FBI has no Department of Lame.

(Oh, and in the deluge of merchandise: Jack's pirate gear. Interestingly, for only $18, you get not only the compass, but... three rings.)

(And you can put them in this.)

(Also: for the child in your life who needs to learn about money management. I kind of wish you'd open it and it would bellow, "YE DINNA NEED TO SPEND YER BOOTY!")

By the way, I found a picture from the third movie on Given the end of the second movie, you may consider it a spoiler at this point. DO NOT LOOK unless you really want to know and/or laugh really hard.

Meanwhile, sweinberg goes to bat for the movie. And he's a real movie critic, so there.

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