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Man... I have been cranky the last few days. Not in real life--just online. It culminated yesterday with someone sending me his version of "X-Men 3 in Fifteen Minutes," since he knew I "would never write that one," except for the fact that I saw it specifically to write it up for a book. I can't even tell you what his version was like, because I CAN'T LOOK AT IT. You know, the legal ramifications jazz and all that. I just--okay, this is me being completely ranty and irrational, but why do people send me these things? Why would I be happy that someone's horning in on my schtick? I'm not saying that I necessarily have the right to stop anyone, nor do I go around regulating on people, but--why would you send it to me and expect me to be happy about it? Would you send Coke executives red-and-white swirl cans of your new soda, Cuca-Cola? Would you expect them to be happy about it? I mean, I understand the imitation = flattery thing, and there is a point where I can tell people are genuinely trying to express that they like something I've written so much that they want to try it themselves. This is, in fact, flattering. But--and I admit this freely--the "Movies in Fifteen Minutes" name and format is a schtick, the way that "[Whatever] for Dummies" or "Chicken Soup for the [Impressionable Demographic]'s Soul" is a schtick. It's an organizational scheme that, in my case, prevents a piece from just being "random, sporadically amusing ramblings about movies," which you get on this journal all the time, but also creates a brand name, which sounds excessively mercenary, but is really just shorthand for "If you liked that, you'll like this, because it's the same format and the same creator." If you use the name "Movies in Fifteen Minutes," you are confusing people as to what they're getting and from whom, which is not to my benefit. I understand why you want to try your own hand at it; I just don't understand why you think I would be pleased that you're sending it to me, possibly exposing me to legal issues, and posting it all over the place online. I mean, "This is going to piss Cleo off, but screw her, this is a free internet" is an attitude I can at least understand. "I'm sending you this because I think you'll enjoy reading a bunch of jokes you can now no longer use yourself, whether you had thought of them already or not, so just go ahead and change your name to Kaavya now" or "I'm sending you this and you can use it if you want, you don't even have to write your own" (which, yes, someone actually said to me) just baffle me.

So... I'm just saying. I'm getting cranky on Snarkfest, I'm getting irritable here on the journal, I'm this close to bitching random strangers out. No, it's not PMS. Yes, I need to get out of the house. I did meet up with college friends for Mexican last night, although I had forgotten that tequila really, really does not like me. I was okay, if a bit loopy, for most of the evening, but after I got home, I'm sitting at my computer, checking email and hydrating, it's nearly midnight, and I'm soulfully mouthing along to Cher ("Sooooonuh or laaaaaaaaatahhhhhh, we aaawwwwwwwll sleeeEEEeeep alooooooooowooooooone") and feeling sorry for myself for no particular reason. Maybe because I haven't been able to sleep through the night for a week solid.

Random things:

First two installments of Nightmares and Dreamscapes on TNT tonight--I think they're only running eight episodes total, over the next four weeks, but I love King's short stories far more than any of his novels, so I'm there.

Set pics from Elizabeth: The Golden Age, or whatever they're calling it now. Her Cateness has a formidable headdress somewhere in there, and there's also a couple of pics of Clive Owen. Meanwhile, Anne Hathaway is Becoming Jane.

Meanwhile, I'm going to go fix some Tahitian tea and try to get some more writing done. That was actually going pretty well last week--2400 words one night and about 4,000 words the next, but that was more freewriting about the hero's journey, which is less mental effort than actually writing-writing, so it's not as much as it sounds. Maybe I'll feel less stabby if I've gotten something accomplished.

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