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In Which I Report Back from a Second Viewing

Okay, so my mom loved Pirates. Loved. It. My aunt had seen it earlier in the week and had said that "it wasn't as good as the first one," and my mom's like, "WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY SISTER." No question mark there, either. Just "WHAT." I don't think Mom's argument now is that it was as good or better so much as that it was TWO HOURS OF CAPTAIN JACK ZOMG. As I said, my mother is a total fangirl now. I have no idea what she thought of the "you want to taste it" scene, because I was afraid to ask. We have decided, however, that Jack should totally show up at Will and Elizabeth's wedding with Scarlett on one arm and Giselle on the other (leaving the kraken to bawl in its grog. "Didn't that mean anything to you?! You whore." Maybe the kraken can hook up with Norrington. Omgtheirloveissojiltedanddrinky), thus solving everyone's shippy problems by the end of the third movie. Also, she wants me to burn the soundtrack for her.

As for me, I still get giddy when the Kraken Organ of DOOM kicks in right about here. Seriously. I do the Kraken Dance ("EEEEEEEEE!") and everything.

(I'm pretty sure it's the gold ring with the purple stone. We have now ensured, by spending so much time and energy on the question, that it will mean absolutely nothing in the third movie.)

P.S. Stolen from Snarkfest, because it is just that awesome: Fo'c'sle Jack, the Pirate Pom. 

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