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Who's your type?

All right--this is a touch time-consuming, but not really, and it's fascinating. It's a test (which I ganked from theferrett's journal) that tells you what your physical type is. A lot of the faces they flash past you are kinda freaky--I for one do not believe that all of them are real people. Many of them look like something a computer program on acid put together. Either that, or there are some maaaaajor birth defects going on in this country. (Seriously: if your forehead takes up a clear 60% of your face, and your eyes are huge and yet somehow squinched together? You have problems.) I think they were trying to get specific traits together in one face, and... yeah. These are not tastes that taste great together. Yar.

The interesting thing about the test is that it confirmed things I already knew about myself... and managed to come up with several surprises. The kind of surprises that make you go, "Really? I don't know about th...hey, that guy really is kinda hot." For example, apparently the "pretty boy"/"boy next door" is my type, with a minor concentration in Asian men--and I had no idea about that last one. The weird thing is, a full 62% of women, by their calculations, are not attracted to my type of guy. Ha! More for me.

What I found interesting was that I really dig the very tall, very lean, very rugged look--and I didn't see anything on that test that represented that look to me. Maybe it was there and I didn't recognize it, I don't know. I will say that I had an enduring crush on this guy in high school with long blond hair and Adonis arms and a face just like the one that came up my type--but I've never dated anyone who was "my" type. Which may say something about my priorities (personality is more important. Or something).

I'm going to take the female test now. Why? Because I bet it'll say a lot about the kind of women I write about.
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