Cleolinda Jones (cleolinda) wrote,
Cleolinda Jones

thinking of a title takes too much effort

I am really, really tired, for some reason. It's that weird half-and-half energy I get sometimes--plenty of things I want to do, but no will to do them; I'm all motivation and no energy. I am writing still, though, and spent about twenty minutes in the pool this morning. Turns out that "walking" back and forth across the shallow end (you know, still about shoulder high) is a great place to run through scenes and dialogue. And there was some bulldozer or garbage compactor or some ungodly thing running on the street behind us, so it's not like anyone could hear me. I just wish I had a waterproof notebook so I could write a few things down every time I got back to the edge of the pool, you know?

I really want a grilled cheese sandwich, but... that would involve getting out a pan. Seriously, the fact that I dragged myself to the shower and washed my tangly pool hair was a major accomplishment for the day.

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